What’s trending: FK Abudu in a Twitter beauty comparison, Motara in fresh mud (full gist inside).


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Wake up to see my Twiter NG users dragging FK Abudu for being beautiful or not. 

And I was like well that’s true, I don’t even know what FK Abudu truly looks like then I found a picture of her and I was like wait a minute, is this the famous FK Abudu aka #EndSARS advocate for justice? 

Now you know what FK Abudu looks like, now tell me, is she pretty or not?
Many twitterians admitted that beauty is in the hand of the beholder so whether she is beautiful or not, it is your opinion. 
Meanwhile, a man went overboard by comparing FK Abudu to his wife only to land himself in a pot with hot oil.
Furthermore, some people say Motara is prettier than FK Abudu check out some select tweets that caught my attention about the subject below.

Fk Abudu is finer than Moe sha, my Opinion tho.

— Biyi The Plug ???? (@BiyiThePlug) December 26, 2020

The fact that FK Abudu looks fine in your eyes, doesn’t mean everyone must accept your opinion. Even a Baboon is beautiful in the eyes of the beholder.

— Duke of Africa (@Allezamani) December 26, 2020

Switch ‘FK Abudu’ with ‘Papaya’ or ‘Odanz’ & I can bet my left testicle we won’t see a third of this outrage lmao, infact many of you will kikiki & quote it with “facts”…

Moral of The Story;

1) E dey sweet to be Twitter fave.
2) Everybody a fuckin hypocrite.

— UG (@UgwunnaEjikem) December 26, 2020

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, Fk Abudu isn’t fine to us. Stop forcing your opinion on us.

— Uncle chu (@chubiei) December 26, 2020

Still on FK Abudu matter, one man decided to set his wife up ???????????? pic.twitter.com/sLedNuHFRK

— FR∆NCIS (Not the pope) (@_ffrancis) December 26, 2020

I’ll still pick the left to your wife sha! I don’t know if she’s smiling or laughing ????

— Bàbàjídè Blunt (@CRawkeen) December 26, 2020

So to him his wife is pretty but FK isn’t pretty…he didn’t have to insult someone else to say how beautiful his wife is…The wife isn’t fine too and that’s a fact

— Rheeta (@Ritaogechi11) December 26, 2020

Lmfao ????????????????????????????????make I no talk

— Yemsss????????????‍⚖️???????? (@Yeahmicee) December 26, 2020

This man wife no even reach FK sef

— Joe_Armani (@JoelOmojefe1) December 26, 2020

Ibadan based Social media influencer, Omotara in fresh mud. Motara was dragged by Twitter user yesterday without pity. People put Jesus birthday aside to roll their sleeves to enable them to drag Motara like dragging a Tiger Generator.

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You will recall, sometimes this year Motara was dragged in the mud for mocking a beggar who happens to be a small girl of about 7 to 8 years old in slow-moving traffic in Ibadan.
In the video, Motara was seen drinking a soft drink in a car while the child was under a hot blasting Sun and she made a fool out of the young girl by teasing her with the drink. 
Now the same Motara landed herself in another mud for reposting food allegedly meant for less privileged with the caption ” Xmas palliatives relooted” 
The original owner of the post was not having so he dragged Motara for being inhuman said the images were food for meant less privilege under the umbrella of his NGO.
However, Motara as usual, tender apologizes and claimed she did not know that’s what the images were about but the cat was already out of the bag and Twittarians dragged her mercilessly.
See some selected tweets images below

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