*I’m always excited when I get news about young Nigerians doing something innovative ,challenging and rare.When I first heard about Taxistartup I was wondering what it was all about.
A friend had came freshly into town and was hovering about the news of Taxistartup been the new talk of town and I was wondering if I really lived in Akure.
‘Lagosians and their wahala I had thought’ not until he came with details of how he had came across one of their flyers at the shopping mall and gave it a try.His commendation about the quality of service and timeliness was something that got my attention.So I had to give it a trial too.
I went to google playstore searched for ‘Taxistartup’ surprisingly they have a good SEO and over a thousand download???At this moment I have started feeling outdated as a blogger.
After installing the application,I registered using my phone numbers and email details,a code was sent to me for activation .Immediately the application was running and looking for my address.
Amazing how it works like other ride hailing application such as uber and taxisfy I had earlier used in lagos and Abuja.I was asked to set up a pickup location which I did and a drop off location too.To complete my order ,a price estimate was shown and relatively cool with it I continued.It indicated ‘requesting a driver’ I was matched within seconds.A driver had called and informed me he was on his way already!!!I was like wow this actually work.
Not satisfied I wanted to meet those responsible for this new innovation in my area,luckily I stumbled upon their rolled up banner at the shopping mall that day with a number for inquiry.I called and made a scheduled meeting with the management.
Finally the time arrived, was expecting to see some giant or someone sophisticated with some modern attire,only to see two simple looking young men in their Mid-Twenties so full of life and enthusiasm.We had a hand shake and took a seat at one of the open eatery there.
After brief introduction. we had got talking about the application and the business part of it.I realized alot from our discussion as these men Olatunbosun Gbenga and Olupitan Ayodeji believes so much in a system that could actually work and give the Ondo State Youth more on employment.They spoke extensively on their long term goals and objective on the application and the economic effect on Ondo state.
Interestingly the application covers a wide range of four state,Ondo ,Osun,Ekiti and Edo state and has been in operation since September 2017,billed for an official launching at the sunview hotel in Akure on December 13th 2017 with alot of eminent elite guest in attendance.I won’t disclose names yet lol
If you live in Akure and you are yet to know about this application,you are like my old self.Get a ride with them today and you are promised a lasting experience.*

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