The Celebs Show On RainSMediaRadio – Guest – Supermodel Brianna Kalango.

Hello there, you are welcome to another amazing episode of The Celebs Show on RainSMediaRadio. Last week we had a lovely time with @Torulolo Tina , Miss Niger Deltan Face FOY 2018.  

This week on the show our guest is a true definition of melanin beauty, and guess what? She is a Supermodel who has been doing great as a commercial model in Nigeria. 

So our lovely readers please welcome  Brianna Kalango!

So after many months of trying to get you here we finally made it.
Can you tell us, who is Brianna Kalango? 
My name is Brianna kalango. Am a native of Bayelsa state, Nembe Local government area. The last in a family of 4 children.
What was it like growing up? 
Growing up has been a field of experience both in bad and good times. 
Talking of education, which school did you attend?
400 level student of the prestigious University of Calabar. Studying political science.
What was that special moment you experienced in school that you can never forget? 
That will be my secondary school days when i experienced stigmatisation because my family were poor. This happened when i was in  JSS1, I couldn’t even make friends or have people I call friends till I was in SS1 when I started acting in Literature classes and that’s when people started making friends with me and I started keeping friends in school. (Host: ????????????)

Out of many careers out there, why did you chose modeling? 
I didn’t choose modeling, Modeling chose me. 
What are your parents response when you told them your career of choice?
After the death of my father , my Mum has always been the head in the family, though it was had to ever convince her. So I called her one night, at about 12AM. I can never forget that night, i showed her those people she always see on TV and i said to her they started from nowhere, they were nothing too; but today when you see them you think they are not human? They are only doing well because they have parent(s) who support them and always pray for their well being. So I asked her to do the same for me. 
As a commercial model, what are the challenges in modeling industry in your country? 
Hmm… I would say getting endorsement. To get endorsement is very hard for us because people in Nigeria doesn’t understand the commercial aspect of modeling or permit me to say, they don’t understand the word called Modeling. The only thing they do understand and accept as modeling are pageantry, which in a professional term is not seen as professional modeling, in this case jobs that should be given to professional commercial models and editorial models are now given to ‘ready-made’ celebrities like actors and artist. Meanwhile, we that are well trained struggle to get paid endorsement deals. 
In your opinion, what are the difficulties of being a model?
Struggle for endorsement deals and well paid commercial jobs. 
Who is your role model ?
Nigeria ‘Faith Morey’ while in United State ‘Rihanna’
I could call ‘Rihanna’ my role model in terms of professionalism, while I see ‘Faith Morey’ as a commercial model who does my kind of modeling. She started here in Nigeria from nothing and now representing Nigeria in the U.S as a professional commercial model and that makes her someone in the modeling industry to look up to.
What things would you not like to do? 
To be signed into any agency because Brianna Concept is a brand on it own.

In a brief, how did you established Brianna Concept? What are the achievement so far as a brand?
The brand Brianna Concept has been established from the day I start modeling professionally from my academy. Then I came to terms with the different aspects of modeling and I got to understand that I was different and there are a lot of models out there that are different too but doesn’t understand this terms. Brianna Concept is a brand established to build commercial models and the art of commercial modeling. Our achievements so far , like you could see from the Brand instagram page, last year was a success, with about 5 awards in 4 different states and 3 magazines features both in Lagos and Port harcourt.etc.
Tell us about a project or achievement that you can consider to be the most significant in your career. 
My online portfolio. This is the most significant project in my career, it’s a project i and my team work on every year. 

Do you have any personal ambitions yet unattaind?
Yes but not to mention
Are there any new projects you’re working on that you can talk about?
Yea, like i said, my online portfolio is a project i work on every year. It’s a combination of professional photos with professional photographers. Which is like a photo tour to different locations both in and outside Nigeria. 

(Host: so guys watch out for another jaw dropping online portfolio from Brianna (Kalango) Concept this year).
What is your advise for people who want to be like you? 
You can not be like me because you have more technology now to be better than me. If only you can be determined, patient and be more focus too you can achieve more than you can imagine but it is easier said than done.
Show Highlights:
Brianna Kalango Achievements

Global Ambassador Merit Awards 2017 –
Next Celebrity Icon Of The Year (Female).
Nigerian Royalty Awards 2017 – 
Nigerian Supermodel Of The Year.

Daking Empire Magazine Awards 2017
Next Rated Fast Growing Model.
Xperience Womanity Awards 2017
Supermodel Of The Year
Fem Achievers Awards – 
Most Dynamic Model Of The Year.

Fashion Meet Music Awards 2016 – 
Model Of Year (female)
Magazine Features And Covers
Spiffy Magazine 2017 Edition.
Supreme Magazine 2017 Edition.
My Streetz Magazine (Covered) 2017 Edition.
My Streetz Magazine (Featured) 2016 Edition.
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