Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift – All Of The Girls You Loved Before Lyrics

114 ViewsVerse 1When you think of all the late nightsLame fights over the phoneWake up in the mornin’ with someoneBut feelin’ alone RefrainA heart is drawn around your nameIn...

March 17, 2023

Taylor Swift – High Infidelity Lyrics

212 ViewsVerse 1Lock broken, slur spokenWound open, game tokenI didn’t know you were keeping countRain soaking, blind hopingYou said I was freeloadingI didn’t know you...

October 27, 2022

Taylor Swift – The Great War Lyrics

222 ViewsVerse 1My knuckles were bruised like violetsSucker punching walls, cursed you as I sleep-talkedSpineless in my tomb of silenceTore your banners down, took the...

October 27, 2022

Taylor Swift – Question…? Lyrics

201 ViewsIntroI remember Verse 1Good girl, sad boyBig city, wrong choicesWe had one thing goin’ onI swear that it was somethin’‘Cause I don’t remember who I wasBefore you painted...

October 27, 2022

Taylor Swift – Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve Lyrics

193 ViewsVerse 1If you would’ve blinked, then I would’veLooked away at the first glanceIf you tasted poison, you could’veSpit me out at the first chanceAnd if I was some...

October 27, 2022

Taylor Swift – Karma Lyrics

209 ViewsVerse 1You’re talking shit for the hell of itAddicted to betrayal, but you’re relevantYou’re terrified to look down‘Cause if you dare, you’ll see the...

October 27, 2022

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