Smile2charity to crushed MMM in Nigeria.


MMM lovers inability to get their money out of the system due to the current state of MMM platform; created an opportunity for people to explore other peer to peer platforms which Smile2charity is currently climbing the ladder of growth daily as participants shares testimonies without hesitation thereby attracting more members daily.

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We joined Smile2charity Whatapp group to confirm if people are truly getting paid so we asked the members to share their testimonies with us and we were amazed by their response as some have made thousands of naira while some are already close to making millions of naira.

Below are pictures story of Smile2charity participants who shared with us the amount they have made so far.

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Image showing Smile2charity participants at level 2 who have already paid the sum 10,800 naira to their upline now receiving the same amount of money back from their downline. They have received 2 payments each. They are expecting 23 payments more before they upgrade to level 3 which is the last level. Wow! so cool!

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Image showing testimonies of smile2charity members at level 1. The left picture is a member who just started but has received 1 payment out of 5 he or she is expecting while the right picture shows a member who has received all the 5 payments and ready to upgrade to level 2 where he or she will pay 10,800 naira to the assigned upline and later receives the same amount back from 25 downlines.
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Image of Smile2charity members that are about to complete level 1. They received 16,200 naira out of 27,000 naira they are to received as a member at level 1.

This image shows a combination of members in level 2 already receiving payments from their downlines. Wow! See money…

Here we have testimonies of two members. The left picture has completed level 1 which means has received 27,000 naira while the right picture has completed level 1 and now at level 2 receiving payments from downlines.

The member with username @alexsamjnr has  three accounts which is divided to main account and sub-account which means he or she as completed the 3 levels as alexsamjnr and now running two different accounts under the main account.  

This is a notification mail sent by Smile2charity to notify a member known as @ayopack of a member placed under him which means a new money to be reaped off his Smile2charity money tree.
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Wow! See money flying around in the name of charity. Yes! Charity as you expected to donate 5% of whatever you made at level 2 to the community project of Smile2charity.

According to Smile2charity, the videos of the community projects will be out soon for members and non members to see which is the motive behind the establishment of the peer to peer platform.

Can’t wait to see the video… I am off to make some money too and contribute to the development of the society.

To see more testimonies please join the whatapp group via this link.

To join Smile2charity visit

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