Samklef engages Omojuwa in a Twitter brawl over a post-Samklef tweeted about Tems.

(From Left: Samklef, JJ Omojuwa)
Nigerian producer Samuel Oguachuba aka Samklef has landed himself in a Twitter hot soup after he tweeted a sensitive post about Tems.
Samklef had tweeted “Everybody can’t wait to see Tems yansh. Me self dey wait. Who dey dey wait with me?”

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Then Simi defended Tems by responding to Samklef with  “WTF is wrong with you?”img_org_1615161326938-1165087

Then Samklef replied Simi, he said; ” Eye service better face front. U 2 know any? U want show ur self fake ass.”
It all became a street fight after Omojuwa amplify the matter with his response to Samklef for attacking Simi further by saying 
“None of u can break me. U guys tried for 10 years still no work”
Omojuwa responded “Samklef, you disrespected and harrassed Tems, Simi corrected you – a 5-word sentence – then you have been going off disrespecting and attacking her too. You aren’t the victim here, you are the villain who just keeps digging and digging. It’s sad and incredible to watch.”
However, after so much brouhaha from Samklef, he apologised and claim the tweet about Tems was a joke he copied from a comment he got under one of his post on Instagram. Where he posted a picture of Wizkid and captioned 
“Drop some flowers for this G.O.A.T” 
And a stroller with the handle shugaoflagos commented “Na that’s Tems yaansshh I dey wait to see., …Oo”
Samklef did apologise he said; “I was misinterpreted Cause of Simi reply I didn’t mean no disrespect Tems and I already explain my self and apologize about it.    It was caption that was meant to be funny.  Now I know better. To my ladies u know the real one.”

It appears Samklef apology was already too late to safe him from the hammer of God in control of Omojuwa that’s about to hit him so hard beyond imagination as Omojuwa brought an English machine gun to Samklef knife fight see their call and response below.
Samklef: U wey politicians they use ? @Omojuwa  u no try.  U called good luck Jonathan a pig and even wish him dead. Something wey u for see look. H wan use me kpa.”

Samklef: @Omojuwa u that wish good luck Jonathan death during 2015  is this not u again.

Omojuwa: Samuel Oguachuba, you hurt because I called you an idiot? You want to pretend you didn’t know that? A renowned congenital moron, there’s a disconnect between your claim and the image, but you wouldn’t know, your foolishness is genetic. Fill your empty skull with pap or something
Samklef: Person wey supposed dey drink tea wan come put mouth for wetin e no even know. @Omojuwa
Sampled: Who is the idiot now? For u mind now u dey yarn. U are just another used slave. Get it mumu. Fake ass

Samklef: When i said the industry was full of fake People. Eyes service kill u there @Omojuwa
Omojuwa: You are in search of what you used to be. It is my hope that you find it. But you won’t find it by being an idiot every day of the week and twice on weekends. Reflect on your life, ask where you lost it and find direction. Clowning on Twitter gains you notoriety, not clout.
Omojuwa: If men addressed harassment by men and other forms of xy chromosomal idiocy as displayed by you here, the world would have been a safer place for women and a saner one for the rest of us.
Omojuwa: Omo odo, I will share the publicly available one. Last week, I gave out N4m in grants. Next week, at least another N2m to go. Normal stuff. What have you and those who sired you done, apart from your carbon footprints? Please answer me.
Samklef: Zero nigga @Omojuwa
Omojuwa: ???????????????????????? I can feel your pain. The only thing worse than being at the receiving end of what I served you today is not even comprehending anything I was saying. We set you straight today. Don’t try that nonsense again. Now, go and be a good boy Sam Sam ????????????
The most painful part of it all was Erica throwing Samklef off the bus as if she has never danced to any of Samklef’s tunes before in her life as a Nigerian 
Erica Nlewedim: Excuse me I don’t know you so please keep my name out of your sewage mouth. You just had to insert me in your drama today! I will not be associated with you! Fuck off”


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