Introducing ‘The Edifice’ luxury homes by PWAN Stars.



A new entrant into the Property Market, “The Edifice,” a development by PWAN STARS, is situated in Ajayi Apata New Town Estate, Sangotedo is a residential development comprising of 1-, 2- and 3-Bedroom Apartments spread across 4 Floors.

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An imposing contemporary edifice with large windows is designed with each apartment having large living areas and bedrooms. Its spacious, private, cantilevered box terraces are perfect relaxation areas that offer shade and breathtaking views.

Its floor plans make perfect use of space to deliver luxury living – with its 1-,2- and 3- bedroom apartments featuring modern, open floor plans. Its bold, strong lines leave a lasting impression, making it unforgettable.

Every room in each apartment is designed to be outfitted with ultra-modern appliances and fittings from the kitchen to the en-suite bedrooms and bathrooms.

Other features include security, paved roads, well manicured lawns and a brightly-lit parking lot, with ample car parking amongst others.

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The Edifice is designed to make a difference, a deviation from the norm in the real estate industry. That is why every space on the unit leaves you with the “wow” feeling. The floor plans are modern and open with space generously used to deliver luxury living with each purpose built 1-, 2- and 3- apartments. Regardless of the number of rooms, each apartment is uniquely styled for comfort, access and privacy. Unlike many estates, The Edifice won’t just make you feel like a homeowner, you will feel like a landlord, because you will totally own your space. Whether you buy 1-, 2- or 3- Bedroom units, you are assured of a place to truly call home.

What’s more is that an investment in The Edifice does not only serve you comfort and luxury, it also guarantees you an asset for generations.

Each room is en-suite for your best convenience and is designed to be safely outfitted with ultra-modern appliances and installations. Wherever a king lives is his Palace, hence we have designed our rooms to ensure that you can truly make a palace out of them with the latest home appliances and fittings, because you are a king.

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The kitchens and bathrooms are also roomy, with fittings designed to be amenable to your unique style. With The Edifice, your pocket is the only limit to your comfort. Make your room as comfortable as you want it to be.

Beauty, they say, is in the eyes of the beholder. But even the blind can’t deny the beauty and palatial elegance of The Edifice. The comfort and ambience of The Edifice ensures that home is where you want to be. No doubt, a beautiful house is everyone’s dream. With The Edifice that dream becomes your reality in concrete and stones, and provides a place for you to dream more. With its exotic ambience, you can dream more and attain the greatest heights.

Indeed, the comfort and security of The Edifice is the combination you need to reach for your stars. The allure begins right from the gate. As you drive into your apartment, the sheer magnificence of the exterior of The Edifice is primed to bring a smile of satisfaction to your face. An architectural masterpiece in a class of its own, it sits in a lush green environment to give it a pristine yet modern feel.

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With Pwan Stars, the difference is always clear. And The Edifice offers an uncommon advantage. From the well laid-out and brightly-lit car park, you are welcomed by the sight of aesthetically-appealing yet functional apartments sitting in a serene and secure environment with basic amenities such as constant power, street lighting, good road network and well-manicured lawns as added incentives.

Strong and high perimeter fencing manned by professional security outfits will also be in place to ensure residents’ safety and security 24 hours of the day. After all, what is a house if it doesn’t shield you from danger?



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