RainSegzyTalks: What is Sex to this generation?

2000 years ago sex was sacred. Something of dignity. In fact, being a virgin was rated gold. This century, sex is something we do for fun! In fact, if you are still a virgin, you be mumu! (Meaning you don’t know what’s up) 
Sex supposed to be a seal of love binding two lovers. Sex supposed to be a relationship investment which maturity should be made available to the two partners only. If sex can be a relationship investment then it should be the most valuable currency used to value love and affection between two lovers. 
But unfortunately, the reverse is the case in this generation.
Despite calling sex “Love Making”, it appears this generation lack the meaning of the phrase “Love Making” and what it means itself. 
In the 80s and 90s, as a child going close to a woman as a man or boy who has so much affection for her, looks like a taboo because of the amount of fear our parents instilled in us. 
You would hear them say something like, 
if you go close to her she will be pregnant and your life will be over. 
She is an egg, if you touch her she will crack and be sick. You wouldn’t want the woman you love to be sick, would you?
To girls, you would hear, 
Man or boys have parasites living in them if he touches you, you would be sick. 
Man or boys are beauty thieves, they will steal your beauty away and you would become ugly.
Man or boys are shape destroyers, they will destroy your beautiful shapes and you will lose your beauty.
Man or boys are future destroyers, you will get pregnant and you will end up in the kitchen for the rest of your life while he enjoys himself with whoever, whenever, however, and wherever he wants.
All these mites are enough to scare the life out of you and make you hate girls or boys if you are an optimistic and ambitious dreamer which African young hearts are. 
However, those born in the 90s and the subsequent generation has outgrown the mites becomes smarter, vibrant and explorers with the strength of one million horses combined to fuel their desire to acquire knowledge and test new grounds. And sex is part of the things conquered. 
I bet some of you can’t even remember how many girls you have had sex with! 
I know of about five of my friends that if they should decide to get married they can not have an elaborate wedding. Or else, it will be a reunion of a one thousand chop and clean mouth. 
Meanwhile, there are questions that play in my head every time i think about sex. The questions are, how do i look her in the face after sex? How do we greet each other when we cross part in the street or at an event or office? Well, i guess that is where the power of maturity set in.
Sex has lost her dignity in this generation! It is no longer “Love Making” but “Fun Making”. 
How many of our ladies today can boast of being a virgin at the age of 20? 
If analogue is still very much around and our sex life is already like this, then imagine what it would be like when we fully activate the age of artificial intelligence (AI). 
Love is a beautiful thing and sex should be an apple which is eaten with love to nourish the relationship between two committed lovers and not a thing of fun between friends. 


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