RainSegzyTalks: The Job is not by force, just resign instead of passing your aggression on innocent customers or colleagues


If you don’t like your job, just resign and move on with your life instead of being bitter and passing your aggression on innocent customers, colleagues or civilian.

Keeping a job you do not like will not change your life for better if you are not doing it with all your heart and with a good attitude.
You can not expect a salary increase when your bad attitude towards your job is driving away customers or clients.
Every morning you pray to God to bless the work of your hands. How will God bless you when the job you find doing is your enemy. 
If you leave that job you hate so much or not proud of, you will not die. You will find another job it’s just a matter of time.
It is amazing how you will go to the Supermarket or Restaurant in Lagos and the sales representatives and security officials will be acting like they are forced to take the job. 
Truth be told, no job will bring honour to you if you do not honour the job. God will not come down from heaven to bless you! It is someone that he will send to you which is why you have to always be in your best behaviour at all times especially at your place of work. 
My boss once told me, when you are coming to the office take all you need to work but leave your problem or problems at home. I thought she does not care about me but she was and is correct. The way you talk to people is the way you will be responded to. Now imagine you vent your anger on someone who would have been your helper and your helper as a human is someone with temper issues. Now that’s like adding petrol to fire.
Everybody has a problem. Everybody has issues to deal with. So bro! You are not the only one. What is behind some smile you see is a million buckets filled with cry water. 
Frowning at everyone would not solve your problem but smiling can!
Some people keep a job they hate because they see it as an avenue to extort people. Most especially Banks security officers, Bus Conductors and off course government officials like the electricity agencies, Pollice, The Road Safety Agency and so on.
That small money you are taking from people with force will surely give you a short time joy but will not make your life better.
But that same set of people you are extorting can make you a millionaire or even billionaire if you can use the same brain to create a service to render to them and put a smile on their faces.
Do not allow a job to take away your humanity. A job you don’t love will only bring frustration. 
Money can indeed make you happy but that’s only if you choose to be happy. If you don’t have the money you can still be happy if you choose to be happy. 


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