RainSegzyTalks: No bad religion, no good religion.


Life is a case that science has been studying for years yet does not have the answer to it all. Should we then say science is a lie because it could not provide an answer to everything that is confusing to man? So if you can not say science is a lie because it could not provide you answer to what looks mysterious to you then you can not say religion is a lie. 

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Mind you, science is theory and practical likewise all religion. Which means to get the answer you seek you must read the theory and do the practical extensively.

So, no bad religion, no good religion.

No bad religion, no good religion what determines the former and the latter is the status of the custodian.

For instance, in Nigeria, there are lots of deities worship by different cultures these deities have been used by their custodians to do both good and evil but in the Nigerian case, the custodians have probably done more evil than good which makes most Nigerians embrace Christianity and Islam and every other foreign religion that has made it way into Nigeria.

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Whether you accept it or not, there is some part of the Bible that were removed for reasons Best known to the translators probably in Quran too e.g book of Moses. Thanks to technology and people with inquisitive skills these parts were made available in books that are not referred to as Bible or Quran but draw their references from the two Holy Books. You can say they are not in use but believe me, they are in use by some Christian’s and Muslims who understand it and are willing to endure the risks.

You can choose to not believe it but that does not make it less of a truth. Just the way custodians of deities will call on their God for something good and get it in the same way you will call on your God and receive it.

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Off course, Christians are made to believe their God is the creator of all things and there have been a lot of stories emanating from Egypt and other countries and religion that point to Christian God as the true creator even Nigerian native deity custodians would admit at some point that there is a God greater than all gods and Christians believes it is their God.

However, even Christian God said in Matthew 7:21 that not all who call me Lord, Lord, will enter the Kingdom of heaven which means even if you are a Christian but lives in iniquity, it can be said that an honesty Ogun god worshipper might enter heaven for his or her good deeds and if died without any emblem of sin.

Surprisingly, all religions have a name for heaven and their worshippers aspire to make it there someday. Now the journey to all the heavens or should say heaven still balls down to the same rules which are simply good deeds.

So, whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Buddist, Atheist, Nigerian Orisha worshipper etc what determines where you transcend to after death is your good deeds and bad deeds.

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Since judgement begins from earth it means if you are custodian or worshipper of any of these gods and you are known among humans for bad deeds your god will be tagged as bad God and vice versa.

Even Christianity at a time was tagged as a bad religion during the time of the crusaders read Crusades by History 

So, your religion is what you make your religion looks like.

The Orisha people of Western Nigeria, the Yorubas neglect is now being worshipped in Cuba and are considered as the god of peace and blessings. Meanwhile, the same Orisha are seen as gods of evil by many in Nigeria due to many atrocities committed by the custodians and abuse of the power they possess.

Let’s put a stop to it here.


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