RainSegzyTalks: Family pressures man to marry a lady he dated for 4 years whom he loves no more after starting a 6 months exclusive relationship with another woman.

Sit tight, you will enjoy this story. Not happy sharing it because it is the true-life story of a couple who are (maybe) about to make the biggest mistakes of their relationship life.
I visited a female friend yesterday at her shop while listing one thing led to the another and she told me she doesn’t have a boyfriend. I was shocked, I told her she is lying. Aside knowing that she has someone she is exclusive with, I don’t believe there is a lady on this planet without an exclusive man or boyfriend(s) or suitor(s). In fact, some have them all! Except if there is something wrong spiritually. Even a mad woman have a man friend! 
After arguing with her then she told me her Mr exclusive proposed to his ex-girlfriend. E choke me one time! My body vibrated like Nokia 3310. 
She further explained that the guy was already in a 4 years relationship with the ex-girlfriend before they met 6 months ago. Now, this is where I felt bad for her, Mr exclusive and the ex-girlfriend.
I apologise for arguing with her for my ignorance, for not knowing she is healing. Only for her to tell me that Mr exclusive did not propose to his ex-girlfriend at his own will, he was pressurized by his family and the ex-girlfriend family. And now they are planning their wedding.
According to my friend, Mr exclusive still sends her money and call her every day and she still goes to his house and has sex with him (after he has proposed under pressure oh!).

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However, I think the ex-girlfriend too, is not really interested in the marriage but just acting under the family pressure too. According to my friend, she said what made Mr exclusive to get involved with her in the first place was because the ex-girlfriend gave him four conditions to comply to if he wants them to proceed to the next level of the 4 years relationship. He couldn’t comply with those conditions so he parked the ex-girlfriend one side and started a new committed relationship with my friend. 

Who knows, maybe the ex-girlfriend is in a new committed relationship with another guy. And the two families are busy making wedding preparations.

Obviously, Mr exclusive is no longer in love with his ex-girlfriend and the ex-girlfriend is probably in love with someone else too. Even if she is not, this marriage is more or less a big mistake.

So I advised my friend to talk to Mr exclusive to take a break to reconsider his decision but she said it will look as if she doesn’t want Mr exclusive to marry his ex and disobey his parents.

Noted: my friend is doing everything she could to leave Mr exclusive but Mr exclusive does not want to leave her because he does not love his ex any more and not interested in the marriage at the same time doesn’t want to disobey his parent.

Serious Wahala for person wey fall in love oh! 




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