RainOverTalks: Life Milestones vs Personal Milestones, Which is Most Important?


Milestones are stages in life we all aspire to reach and cross. Simple! Milestones are evidence of progress. Progress in life, in business, in academics, at your job, in family, among friends, as friends, in relationships, in marriage and so on. Even the Bible says by their fruit we shall know them. Meaning, as a Christian, the progress in your life and everything about you directly or indirectly tell if you are truly in Christ and Christ in you. Why? Because the Bible also says, greater works shall you do. Which means as a child of God you are not allowed to be stagnant and if you are stagnant you must snap out of it and move forward because God’s plan for you is not to be stagnant.

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Enough of Christian talk. The fact is, milestones are records that prove you are living and not surviving. Ah! Ah! Living and surviving is not the same thing. Living in this context means you are progressing. Things are working out for you. The universe is aligning for you. While surviving means you are stumbling. You are always struggling to get things done. Things you should achieve in 1 year are taking you 2 to 3 years to achieve. You are not eating what you want but eating what you have available. You are not living the lifestyle that suits your persona but living the lifestyle of circumstances.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you should live a lie. You should know, you do not have to be extremely rich to be living. In fact, there are wealthy people who are not living but surviving because what you see as wealth they possess is a curse to their life. So, they live in greed, fear, pain, loneliness instead of living a life of freedom they could afford with the wealth they have.


Contrary to the title, there are three categories of milestones: life or natural milestones, personal milestones and spiritual milestones. We will pay more attention to life and personal milestones but will discuss briefly spiritual milestones.

Life milestones are natural things you must have to give your existence a meaning. These are as follows in no important order. Age: Clocking a certain age in life is an achievement, especially if you are from a family with a history of dying young. Attaining age 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 is always a big deal. At 20 you are expected to have life a path. At 30 you are expected to be married or getting ready to marry while 50, 60 and 70 are grandpa and grandma lifestyle season. Well, things are changing now; they say 50 is the new 20. Is that true?

Other life milestones include entering adulthood, leaving parental home, starting work, marriage, giving birth, retiring and death.

Personal milestones, on the other hand, are milestones that you set for yourself like having a career, acquiring a house, buying exotic cars, jet, yacht, travel the world, attaining enviable academic fit and so on.

You are probably wondering why houses and cars are personal milestones. Nature does not care about where you live or what you drive. I’m sorry!

This brings me to my next point. Sacrifice, you see, to achieve natural milestones you need little or no effort.

However, personal milestones come with a price. For every personal milestone you achieve there is a price paid. The price could be time, giving up something precious to you or giving up both your precious and time. You have to sacrifice something to get something. You are probably wondering, what about those who are born into wealth? What did they give up? Their predecessors have paid the price on their behalf to an extent, but to sustain their wealth and make it generational, they have to continue from where their predecessor stopped, or else their offspring will only hear of their family’s exploits as history with nothing to show for them.

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Now, time in this context is your lifetime while precious things to give up could be anything from money to your life, your loved ones life, parting ways with a lover, letting go of comfort zone, parting ways with your family etc. No pain, no gain. Something has to give for something to come. The higher the price the glorious the achievement if you did not deceive yourself.

So, which do you think is more important? Life milestones or personal milestones? There may be times when you will have to let go of your marriage or someone you love to achieve a personal milestone. Trust me, it is a tough decision to make. Because you would have to ask yourself repeatedly, is it worth it?

Reflect on your life and ask yourself, how did i get here? Do I want to continue in this journey or is it time to give life the chance to take its course? Have I achieved enough? All I gave up trying to get to this height, is it worth it?

By the way, Spiritual milestone is a journey between you and your maker. God you believe in. Even Atheist believes in something. Because not believing in God is believing in nothing and if believers won’t see this as blasphemy, nothing can also be classified as God. Why? Nobody knows for sure where God is, nobody has seen God before, nobody can tell whether God is black, white, brown or Irish, and nobody could tell if God is ugly or beautiful. However, if we all agree that there is someone somewhere called the creator then we all agree that God is every living and non living thing God created because we are all God’s signature. So, in nothing there exists something and in something there exists nothing. Therefore, for nothing to exist there must have been something and for something to exist there must have been nothing. So, if you say there is no God then there should be no you and there should be no universe and for God to exist there must be you and everything because without you and everything (that includes living and non living things) there will be nothing to refer to God as God.

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Have you ever wondered if the devil or the angels will exist or be relevant if there are no human and non living things? It will be like being a musician with no audience to sing for. What establishes a musician as a musician is having people who appreciate your craft and talent and support it with their time and resources or else you are just a regular human being who sings in shower to soap, curtain, water and walls of the bathroom.

The higher you grow in the spiritual realm the more celestial knowledge you will gain and the stronger and powerful your physical become. Some people ought to be mighty warriors in the spiritual but because they did not pay the price of time to grow in the spirit. Therefore, they become a midget in both spiritual and the physical.

The first milestone in the spiritual realm is to know who you are. If you know who you are, you would know ‘what’ you are, you would recognize the gift and power you possess as a being and what battle to conquer or walk away from and the rest is history.

So, what milestone is the most important to you?

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