2 Things Make Life Worth Living Love & Faith


Two Things That Make Life Worth Living – Love and Faith

2 Things Makes Life Worth Living Love & Faith

In my opinion there are just 2 Things Make Life Worth Living and i realised that today after experiencing what may appear as my worst loneliest time and speaking to someone i love so much.

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What are those two things? Love and Faith.

Before going into how powerful and transforming love and faith can be, here is my experience that inspired this write up.

So, on Christmas day, while everybody was busy enjoying the moment i was alone in my office staring at my phone and laptop. No buzzing alert of direct message nor call. I have always lived by myself and never worry about not having more than two close female friends, no lover, 1 no blood related friend turned brother, caring work colleagues and so many acquaintances.

Yeah, that does not sound like someone that should be lonely but trust me there is nothing like having your own person who you both rock each other’s world.

Christmas is a festival of love and after sharing that love with the world and the world bead you thank you and return home, you still need someone to share that special love in your heart with and that is what i do not have and for the first time in a very long time i felt that vacuum echoes so loud that my heart could not contain the blaring of the wave.

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So, i picked up my phone and called that one person i wished could fill that space and after a 15 minute call all that loneliness disappears. I know you want to know why i am not with that person and why the person is not with me. Well, keep reading.

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Remember we are talking about 2 Things Make Life Worth Living Love & Faith

Let’s talk about love. Love gives you a reason to want to survive whatever challenges you are facing because the thought of seeing, feeling, touching and hearing the love of your life again is priceless. When you are truly in love with someone there is no mountain too high to climb as long as you have the support of your lover. When life throw stone are at you love will give you the strength to pick it up and make a beauty out of it.

Lover is borderless. True love does not see boundaries it sees connection and adventure. Love makes you do things beyond the ordinary sense. In fact, love sometimes makes you stupidly clever if that makes sense.

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Love! Just a four letter word, so tiny and simple but powerful enough to build a nation or destroy it.

Faith, on the other hand, as the Bible says, Hebrews 11:1 – “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Faith gives you a bigger picture of what is possible and can be achieved with time. Faith creates something in you, something to keep you moving. It creates something in you to make you believe you are not alone. Faith is your spiritual immune booster that powers your imagination to work through the toughest of times and achieve what can be called a miracle.

Love and Faith as a combo. As love gives you a reason to want to survive faith help keeps your sense of imagination alive. When going looks impossible. Faith gives you the idea of ways to make it possible, then love furnishes you with the support you need to be relentless.

I opine that people swing into depression not because they failed in life but because they lost their love connection and stopped believing in possibilities. Because when you achieve your goal in life and do not have cravings for more life becomes meaningless until you find love and faith again and begin to aspire.

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When you are depressed, it feels like you are alone in an empty huge house floating with nothing in sight to pull or push towards. But when you regain your faith and find something or someone to love it make feels like you are a train with a big powerful engine running on a line with a body strong enough to pear through any obstacle.

A combo of love and faith gives you a clear picture of where you are, what you have and where you are headed.

These two things, Love and Faith, i believe can also be the lasting cure to depression. If you love someone or something you would want to care for it or them that will make you want to get busy and do something and while at it your faith will give you hope that you could achieve anything you envisioned with time. This hibernate your idleness state of mind and ignites your passion for life and that automatically quench the burning fire of depression in you. The cure!

Oh! You are still anxious to hear why i am not with that beautiful, loving, caring, magnanimous soul. Well, i guess that is a story for another day.

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