Nigerian Entertainment Conference Is Back! #NECLIVE6

6th Edition Of Nigerian Entertainment Conference To Hold In Lagos On April 25
–       Technology and innovation to take centre stage
–       Event to focus on understanding emerging markets, trends and opportunities.
–       Conference remains free for all participants for sixth year running
The sixth edition of Nigerian Entertainment Conference (NECLive), holding in Lagos on Wednesday April 25th 2018, will focus on how the creative industry can study, understand and access opportunities in emerging market segments, how to exploit the tools, trends and possibilities that technology provides, and how to build a totally new world of impact, locally and globally.
Nigeria is still focused on solving old problems, while the rest of the world has moved on to using new thinking and ideas to create new ways of getting value.
Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Snapchat, Shazam, Tidal, Deezer, Spotify, and many more are coming forth to innovate creation, distribution and monetisation, while the concept of venues and tours is taking a wholly different shape from Europe to Asia and America.
The music business is transforming from predominantly records sales and concert and tours, to a 360 model that’s giving new life to a hitherto dying industry. Hollywood is seeing some excitement, with the boost in rent-or-buy streaming services and the influence of two key things: technology, and surge in measurable consumption from the EMEA.
It’s the same across Fashion, comedy, Sports, and media. Demographics are changing, Silicon Valley is building, and M&As are leading to a new order.
‘With the recent promise displayed by the Nigerian music industry, Nollywood, Fashion, Media, and Comedy, there is no better time to sit down and discuss what is at stake.
Everything that’s transforming the entertainment and creative industries in Europe, Asia and America is potentially available to Nigeria, nay, Africa. Technology is already helping us fix payments, dating, banking, transportation, and even governance. It’s time to take a look at entertainment’, says NEC founder and chairman Ayeni Adekunle.
Over 5000 participants will gather at the Landmark Event Centre on Wednesday April 25th 2018, for the sixth edition of Nigerian Entertainment Conference, the marketplace for ideas, products, people, and services shaping the entertainment sector. At least 10 million will watch live on cable TV and online.
Registration opened on Tuesday January 30. Speakers and panellist line up are to be announced later.
Source :theNetng.

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