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When talking about music you are talking about talent but only a few see music as a real business and that’s why only those few are cashing out big time!

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I haven’t blogged about anything for a long time aside from my podcast RMTop20 With RainSegzy, a music countdown show that celebrates and criticizes music on major charts. Although, sometimes I just play the music if I don’t have anything to say. Lol!
It amazes me how some artist manages to save money to pay for recording sections to make music but always doesn’t see reasons to use the same energy to save money to market the song.
I mean, I ask myself all the time why record a song nobody will know about? 
Maybe what you don’t know is, there is a huge difference between a hubby and artist.
If you make music and you don’t market it to the random people who would probably become you fans what you are doing is hubby, you are not an artist.

Music is business if you don’t see it as such, it will never take you on the rhythm jet to music Paradise.

You can upload your song on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, Tidal, Audiomack, Boom etc. List them all you know them. 
You can upload your music on these platforms, but if you don’t market it nobody will know it is there. 
Off course, you can get a few downloads like 50, 100 or even 1000, but is that what you want to build your music career on?
Now let’s talk about how to market your music.

I would have loved to use the word “Promote” in the title above but that word has been abused. Because now people will tell you posting my song a popular blog is marketing. I will elaborate on that below read on.
1). To market your song you need to make it accessible. Either you want to sell it or you want to put it out for free. Which brings me to 
1a) Distribution to Sell: to make your song accessible for purchase you will need to hire the service of music distribution companies like Ditto, Amuse, Tunecore, CDBaby, and etc These abovementioned companies will help to distribute your song to all the major music selling and subscription streaming platforms in the industry which includes iTunes, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon, and so on. I recommend Ditto trusted by many African superstars e.g Sakordie, Yemi Alade, Davido and many orders. I know you are thinking they are expensive. Trust me they are not expensive. Click here now to sign up with Ditto Music
They will also help to collect sales and royalty payment on your behalf which you will later transfer to your bank account. 
1b) Distribution For Free Downloads: to make your song accessible for people to download for free you can meet with some local bloggers to upload your song on their platforms. Some will upload it for you for free while some will charge you a reasonable sum of money for it. You can also upload it on some international platforms for free like Audiomack, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, My music, and etc. 
Note: Amuse and some other Music distribution platforms have free service option that enables you to distribute your song on major music selling platforms and subscription streaming platforms. All you have to do is register with them but you are expected to upgrade your account later.
2) Now that your song is accessible for purchase and free download. You need a smart link to help put all the platforms together in one page so that your fans can decide either to always stream your song online or purchase or download it to their devices. 
There are over 100 of smart link provider platforms out there, to find them all you have to do is Google smart link for music. I can recommend Amplifier and ToneDen these two works like magic I used them for my Podcast RMTop20 With RainSegzy platforms link marketing. 
3) Now that you have your SmartLink it is time for strategic marketing.
Remember, it is not everybody out there that will like your music, so how do you get your song or songs to people who would appreciate it. 
That’s where Social media and Google ads targeted Paid ads marketing comes to play. You need Facebook, Instagram and Google ads to create targeted ads meaning to find people who love your genre of music.  
Meanwhile, you need Twitter to use your music title to strike up a conversation to create trend the more people talk about your song the more streams and downloads you get. So you need to be creative with Twitter promotion don’t just pay for Hashtags or pay some influencers to post for you. You need to think of something people would love to talk about that relate to your song, title of your song or your name as an artist.
However, music marketing never ends until you are ready to move on to another project or you think you are no longer interested. 
Believe me, even your famous favourite artist still do marketing it’s just that they don’t have to break much sweat because they already have the fanbase but nevertheless they still need to do marketing which is why some of them thrive on the controversy e.g Davido sincerely, nobody knows how to use controversy to sell music like Davido. Don’t take it personal that’s why it is called showbiz business. 
You want your music to sell? You need to make people talk about you either in a good way or bad way, either way you choose you should know that bad publicity is publicity. 
I know you are probably thinking why should I invest so much money and time in one music or album or EP when I can just pay a famous blogger to post it on his or her platform. Well 
1) You need to make sure you are known and the only way to achieve that is by heavily marketing your song or project with your money and time. Once you are known the workload will reduce a bit.
2) Paying famous bloggers to post your song or project on their platform will only expose you and your song or project to people who are currently online at the moment the blogger posted it so YOU STILL NEED TO DO MARKETING or else nobody will know you and your song exist.
Do you want to do music as a real business which it is? Record your music and hire a good PR team or set up your own PR team with friends and family who have time to join your course.

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