Toyin Abraham and Kolawole Ajeyemi reveals our client’s name without permission @Segalink we are suing. ????????????????????


 Nollywood superstar and the ordained leader of #ToyinTITANS took to Instagram to show gratitude to her tsunami of fans and officially reveal her newborn baby name.

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She extends her gratitude all her #ToyinTITANS for their love and care.

A post shared by TOYIN ABRAHAM???????????????????????????? (@toyin_abraham) on

Since Toyin and Kola’s son Ire is our client we are suing the two of them for revealing our clients name without his permission so Toyin and Kola you have been served to see you in owambe court where Mr Plate and Mrs. spoon will be dancing zanku while we use them to sangolo rice and chicken with ogunfe, brokoto and many others.

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By the way, please i do not take beer and alcohol but i take Hennesy and Champaign because that’s how star do Lol! ????????????????????

Back to the sue. WE ARE SUING SIGNED AND SEALED BY @Segalink.

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