The Celebs Show: Exclusive with Wallace as a music artist and more.

Hello, lovers of The Celebs Show. I am back with another interesting episode of your favourite online magazine show. On seat with me today I have got Wallace, a singer and songwriter. Oh! Did I mention that he is charming? Is he? Well, let’s go find out. I am your handsome host RainSegzy of Lasgidi and this is The Celebs Show on RainSMediaRadio.
RainSegzy: Who is Wallace? Tell us about yourself.
Wallace: I am Wallace Chima Obika, an Afro-pop artist from Nigeria ( IMO state) born July 24th. A lover of good music 
RainSegzy: What number are you in the family of “how many”?
Wallace: I have three other brothers making us four in total. I  am the third.
RainSegzy: What was it like growing up?
Wallace: my growing up was a good one. Grew up in Lagos( Ago palace solo) with my family ( Parents and three other siblings ). Been a lover of music from age 4. Listened to a whole lot of( Michael Jackson, Shina peters and king Sunny Ade). Been surrounded by positive minds.
RainSegzy: Talking of education, which schools did you attend?
Wallace: I have had a good educational background right from day one. Attended Ronik Comprehensive Secondary School( graduated 2007). Then graduated from Covenant University. Studied Chemical engineering. Was a tough one,  but I pulled through.
RainSegzy: What was that special moment you experienced in school that you can never forget? 
Wallace: My first date with my ex. really special because then i used to be extremely shy to talk to her face to face. She basically was the one teaching me how to be bold and comported when talking to her. Sweat ran down my face every time i did but after a while, i got more confident
She said “Wallace you can do this” (Wow ❗Someone who is charming ❗ ???? ???? ????) 

RainSegzy: Out of many careers out there, why did you choose to be a music artist?
Wallace: To be honest I have been an addict to good music since age 4, back in secondary school, I was like the music Google to my mates. If they heard a song and they don’t really know the artist or the lyrics to it,  they come to me to tell them and write the lyrics out for them. Then I just loved to sing and dance to good music.  Did a couple of freestyles with my mates back then in secondary school just for the fun of it.  I took music up professionally in 2017  after having a couple of dreams( night dreams) where I wrote and composed a song that influenced people in the world
RainSegzy: What was your parents’ response when you told them your career of choice?
Wallace: My mum loved it but my dad disagreed
RainSegzy: Can we talk about the music industry challenges in your country? 
Wallace: The major challenge with music is funds and good backings You basically need enough money to promote any good record you got or else you won’t be heard. 
RainSegzy: What are the behind the scene anecdotes you can share? 
Wallace: Most times before a major performance i am halfway plastered ( drunk) lol. 
RainSegzy: In your opinion what are the difficulties of being a music artist? 
Wallace: not having enough support financially to push records.
RainSegzy: Who is your role model?
Wallace: Michael Jackson and My mum
RainSegzy: What things would you not like to do? 
Wallace:  to stop giving out Good records
RainSegzy: Tell us about a project or achievement that you can consider to be the most significant in your career. 
Wallace: My first video titled- my Way ( on youtube) It’s all about the experience and stories I have seen and heard from people close or far to me. My Way talks about intermarriage( whereby people of different race, culture or tribe can get married regardless). I have had few close friends talk about challenges they go through from their parents on marrying a lady from their own tribe. There was a very close friend of mine Anthony ( Igbo)who dated his girl ( Hausa) for 2years plus, and after introducing her to his mum, she rejected the girl saying she is not right for him because she is from a different tribe. My Way encourages people of different tribe to get married regardless.
RainSegzy: Do you have any personal ambitions yet unattained?
Wallace: My Ep(Stardom)
RainSegzy: Are there any new projects you’re working on that you can talk about?
Wallace: Body calling. Body calling is a dancehall sound with a fusion of blue. A phenomenal sound talking about a lady that is found irresistible.
There you have it, people. Wallace thanks for coming on the show. Guys keep supporting good music, keep supporting Wallace. 
Below is the new single titled ‘Body Calling’ listen, download and don’t forget to share this page with your friends and enemy ???? ???? 


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