Stand Up For Y.O.U (You, Others & Unborn) Where are the new Naira notes?


Sometimes I wonder, where are all our new naira notes?
Are they in Central Bank strong room for a purpose unknown to Nigerians or vice versa?
Why do we have more dirty and tattered naira notes in circulation than the new notes?
Everyday, Nigeria naira notes goes round in circles of banks to users and users to banks; yet we still have dirty notes than the new notes.

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This is my question to you if you are reading this, who should we blame for the scarcity of new naira notes, is it the politicians whom people believes are hiding money (new notes) in their homes or market sellers who withhold the new notes because it doesn’t come often or banks that doesn’t disbursed new naira notes?
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In our quest to get the bottom of the subject matter we decided to ask Nigerians this two questions

Why do you think there are more dirty and tattered naira notes at public disposal than new notes?

What solution would you suggsst?

Here are their repsonse in quote.:

“The solution lies within us, let us respect our naira notes and keep it neat at all times.” – Hon. Mrs Fanoiki Usman.

“1)The notes are been recircle for a long time
2) Naira notes should have a duration..then after a period of time the old notes should be faced out and new once released” – MC Gaks Gabriel.

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“Because Nigerians do not have culture of keeping their money in a wallet or money pouch.

We keep and drop our Naira anywhere and anyhow.

Even the introduction of polymer note could not solve the problem

It is for people to learn how to keep their naira notes well in their wallet.

Yes..banks give back what the society deposited to them. We bring torn and dirty naira notes to the bank” – Nancy Eneh.

“It depends on your environment, local place much of local naira.

Advice we should learn how  to be clean.

All days new notes are been produce you don’t expect everyone to have it” – Frank.

“It’s the government responsibility to pump in  more clean note so as to chase out the dirty once.

That’s when we all see the effort of the government” – Young Heir.

However, you will agree with us that to have more clean and neat naira notes in circulation we need to spend the new notes we have.

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2) Inculcate the habit of using wallet.

3) Properly align naira notes in wallet.

4) Naira notes should be handle with care.

5) Naira notes should not be use for any experiment whatsoever.

6) Naira notes are symbols of Nigeria, should be handle with respect.

7) Holding the naira notes at home reduces money in circulation thereby directly or indirectly affect Nigeria economy.

What more can we say? For Nigeria to be great you and I have important roles to play.

Stand Up For  Y- You
                        O- Others
                        U- Unborn.

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