Some Cameroonian artists tagged Naira Marley bad influence got his Valentine’s Day show cancelled.

Nigerians on social media have been wondering why Naira Marley’s Valentine’s Day show in Cameroon was cancelled at die minute. Words on the bird app are Cameroons are instigating some sort of hate for Nigerian artists which was the reason for the cancellation of the concert headlined by Naira Marley’s
In 2020, Cameroonian promoter, Prince Mykel Enobi and his Empire Company had booked Naira Marley to headline a concert slated for February 14 2021. Although, Naira Marley was not the only artists to perform at the concert. In fact, Cameroonian artists made up the list of performing act at the concert. 
However, reports have it that Naira Marley was warmly welcomed by fans at the airport. On getting to his hotel he took his Instagram where he posted images of him smoking weed and captioned  “Fuk that shii, light that shii, puff that shii, me I like that shii…”
Unknown to him some Cameroonian artists are making moves to get the show cancelled on the basis that Naira Marley
was a weed smoker and an instigator of the EndSARS movement whose avant-garde would negatively influence young Cameroonians.

Meanwhile, Mykel Enobi, the show promoter says, “The problem has nothing to do with me. I wouldn’t want to mention names, but two weeks before the event, people started these claims that Naira Marley was a weed smoker and strong pillar of the EndSARS movement. The government had pictures and even videos – I don’t know how they got them.

“We thought we could manage it, until we had to move to Limbe barely 24 hours before the show. From there, we then rescheduled to Douala. This isn’t the first time I’ll bring a Nigerian artist to Cameroon and this isn’t the first time I’ll lose money. I also don’t regret anything I said on ‘Freaky Table.’

“The solution to Cameroonian problems isn’t a ban on all things Nigerian. I’m a businessman, I will only do things that favour me and things that will bring me money. Naira Marley is a big brand who will bring in money for me and my sponsors. Why would I not want him?”

The cancelled sold-out concert was rescheduled three times for different location in Cameroon including Kumba Buea, Limbe and Douala but the force makes sure it did not see the light of the day costing the show promoter Enobi and his Empire Company 40 million Francs in lost and robbing Naira Marley his fans a fun time together.

Speaking of the anti-Nigerian sentiment
This hate against Naira Marley in Cameroon is almost similar to what happened in Uganda where some Uganda A-list artists get Uganda government to arrest Tems and Omah Lay but the difference is the excuse used was Covid-19 while Cameroonians are saying Nigerian music is downsizing Cameroon music industry as Cameroonians mostly request for Nigerian music from DJs at an event more than Cameroon music.
According to PulseNG, it was gathered that a Cameroonian Comedian Pancho C.Y International stir up the anti-Nigerian sentiment when he called for a ban on Nigerian music in Cameroon as he claimed the continuous traction for Nigeria music was robbing Cameroonian artists of genuine traction in their own country.
Also, A Nigerian Music Journalist, Joey Akan in a thread posted on Twitter alleged that the anti-Nigerian sentiment was led by the Cameroonian comedian He said :
“Yesterday, a Naira Marley concert scheduled to hold in Cameroon didn’t happen. Special Forces Soldiers flooded the venue and chased everyone away, despite Marley being in the country ready to hit the stage,” Akan wrote in a Twitter thread.

“Why? Hate and beef from Cameroonian artists. For months, there has been a growing anti-Nigerian movement, with many disgruntled entertainers calling for a ban on Nigerian music.

This movement is led by a struggling comedian named CY International. A promoter, Prince Enobi, organized a special Valentine’s Day concert. Naira Marley was booked, to perform in Buea, the capital of the Southwest region.

“The heart of Anglophone Cameroon. Expensive tickets were sold out, and the event was set. But the show did not hold. Cameroon entertainers kicked. They went to Yaounde to ask the government to ban it.”

Akan added that the artists stirring up the anti-Nigerian music went as far as lodging it at the Cameroon Minister for Art and Culture office as they claim Naira Marley is a bad influence on the youth.

“They went to the minister of arts and culture to ban the concert. Their excuse; Naira Marley is a bad influence on Cameroonian youth, who smokes Igbeaux, and has a sex tape. The minister cancelled the show in Buea,” he added.

“But the Promoter was adamant. He’s invested heavily. He moved the show from Buea to Limbe. These entertainers still went to call the special forces arm of the military. They showed up and scattered the stage and venue.

“The promoter still moved show to Douala, the entertainers still showed up there and scattered the venue.
Naira Marley didn’t perform, but he’s been paid. He lands in Nigeria today.”

“What this means is that the Cameroonians have declared war on the Nigerian music industry, and have acted on it due to hate and inferiority complex. They blame us for everything. Pan Africanism in the mud,” he wrote.

“In the past 5 years, Anglophone Cameroon has not seen a major concert due to the crisis. And the first show they were meant to have, they called the same oppressive military to help chase their fellow Africans away.

“This won’t end well. It’s a slippery slope, leading to a lot of dangerous events for the art. If we begin xenophobia, it’s their industry that will bear the brunt. Either they nip this in the bud, or it’ll be a full war with no real winners.”

Back in Nigeria, Naira Marley took to social media calling on bloggers to desist from painting Cameroon people haters of Nigerian artists and music as not all Cameroonians hate Nigerians just fa ew. He wrote:

Blogs please calm down, don’t paint Cameroon bad. They are actually very good and caring people actually love Nigerians, it’s just a few of them hating but no love lost, we’re still family. 1 love. ❤️????????????????

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