Ortom says his life is being threatened called Bala Mohammed “one of Fulani Terrorist”

The Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom has come out to say that he is convinced that Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed, is a member of the Fulani terrorist group unleashing terror on Nigerians.

According to PUNCH, Gov. Ortom made this known during a press conference in Makurdi as he cried out that his life is being threatened by his counterparts outburst.

He alleged that the Bauchi governor was part of the conspiracy against him adding that his life is no longer safe due to the manner in which Mohammed was attacking him.
The Bauchi governor had criticised Ortom when he accused him (Ortom) of creating a bad media campaign against the Fulani ethnic group, stating that the situation had worsened the herder-farmer crisis.

Mohammed also accused Ortom of criminalising the entire Fulani across the country.

In reaction to the above accusation, Ortom said with Bauchi Government continuous support for Fulani herdsmen, Bala Mohammed “is one of the Fulani terrorists” that have invaded the country and terrorising innocent Nigerians.

Ortom also added that the Bauchi Governor is not working in line with the Constitution of Nigeria asked Bala to go back to study the oath of office again for better understanding emphasising that the constitution of Nigeria does not allow foreigners to enter the country and bear arms against Nigerians.

Ortom said, “Since he (Bala Mohammed) has chosen to vilify and intimidate me, I am compelled to think that he is one of the Fulani terrorists terrorising this country.

“Why did I say so? This is the same governor, who took an oath of office to protect the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The constitution does not give room to allow foreign armed Fulani herdsmen, Tiv people or Yoruba or any ethic group to come in and to carry arms.
“But the Bauchi governor said every Fulani man is a global man; so, he could go anywhere at any time. It is quite disappointing to hear a governor who took an  oath of office to say that.”

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