Oga Bole Festival 2021, Benin City, are you game?

In Nigeria, there are a lot of delicacies but some are irresistible than others. Some are difficult to make while some are as easy as eating a delicious meal. Among the simple and easy to make is Bole (Roasted Plantain).
Bole originally spelt and pronounced ‘Boli’ is one of the native food of the Yoruba people usually enjoyed by many with Epa (groundout). Over time it has evolved, redefined and repackaged by various Nigerian Cooks and Chefs which is now served as a proper meal garnished with bitter leaf, seasoned sauce, with fish, ponmo (cow skin) and meat to go with it. 

Hmmm… I am salivating already!
Now imagine you find yourself in a gathering of many professional Cooks and Chefs, all gathered in one location to make this special meal called Bole in different ways and you have the opportunity to have a taste of it all! Mad ohhhh!!! Exactly my thoughts!
Think no further, Oga Bole Festival is the reality of that imagination.
An outdoor event street food fair with a gathering of 1000+ street food lovers, leading private and public sectors players all in one place and of course with more than 20+ Bole meal makers (SME’s) to showcase their amazing Bole meal talents. 
Oga Bole Festival was birthed with these goals which are to make the majority of the Benin populace imbibe the culture of normalizing the habit of having bole as food, accelerate businesses by giving more exposure to SME’s and local businesses, create a shopping atmosphere with friendly prices and enable guests have a good time with family, friends, and a chance to network with new people.
And don’t forget after all the fun and games you still get to have your Bole meal taking with you in take away pack plus an opportunity to to discover the taste of a lifetime and Bole vendor to make your regular vendor.
Oga Bole Festival event date is set to hold on June 12, 2021.


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