Obidi Ojochide called out Chinese company burning car batteries in Lagos Nigeria, as it poses a risk of widespread cancer.

A Nigerian lady, Obidi Ojochide who goes by the name @Obidi_ on Twitter has called out a Chinese company burning car batteries in Nigeria to produce mercury and export it back to China to manufacture electronics.
Ojochide in a video she posted alleged that the company was banned in China but relocated to Nigeria to continue with this hazardous operation. 
According to her, the company’s name is HUA OU METAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY DEV. NIG LTD, it’s located in Lagos but this is the address she gave “along Lagos-Ibadan expressway, Oke-Igan, Idena Ogere Remo, Ogun State Nigeria.”
In the video, Ojochide said she met a Chinese lady who is a former staff of the company but left the company because of the boss’s inhumane behaviour towards his staffs. The Chinese lady also added that the burning of car batteries could lead to the widespread of cancer in the country within its 10 or 15 years of operation in Nigeria hence the reason for its ban in China.
Ojochide also alleged that some high ranking men in the society also known as the cabal have received bribes from the Chinese company owner to enable the company to operate in Nigeria and underpay their Nigerian employees. 
Citing a scenario narrated to her by the Chinese lady, she said the Chinese lady work with the Chinese company as a translator, one day one of the company staff while working fell and was badly injured since Nigeria doesn’t have an emergency ambulance, they attempted to use the boss’s car to convey the injured man to the nearest hospital but he refused says the blood will stain his car and the injured man died in the process. This immoral act of the boss made the Chinese lady left the company and Nigeria for another job in Dubai.
Obidi Ojochide is a Nigerian singer and songwriter based in Canada. 
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I had to make a video because!

— ???????? (@Obidi____) February 25, 2021

— ???????? (@Obidi____) February 25, 2021

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