OAU Lecturer Assaults Students After Heated Altercation.

From left: Dr. F.K Ariyo, in a black T-shirt and dreadlock hairstyle, is the student in question.

According to the viral eyewitness video, a student mistakenly entered the classroom and exited immediately after realising he was in the wrong class.

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According to an eyewitness, the lecturer, Dr. F.K Ariyo, called him back and accused him of impersonation. He soon seized the student ID and instructed security personnel present to take him to the CSO.

However, as seen in the video, the student refused to go with the security personnel and attempted to call someone. The lecturer stopped him from making the call and asked him to switch off the phone but the student refused. This aggravated the lecturer, he forcefully took the phone off the student and hit the student from behind pushing him out of the class.

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It was also gathered that the student’s Samsung phone was brutally damaged.


1) Who is at fault here, the lecturer or the student?

2) Is this a case of a power-drunk lecturer or a disrespectful student?

Watch the full eyewitness video below.

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