Nigerians Wake Up From Your Slumber. APC And PDP Not The Only Options.


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This 2019 election is already looking like a pregnant cloud ready to deliver an ironic rain of blessings on Nigerians. Why? Like we always do every election season, Nigerians have started arguing on social media passionately about the two giant party in Nigeria. Like seriously!

On this note please allow me to throw in a few observations. It is so shameful that some Nigerians only know how to grumble and make noise of political leaders failure but never ready to accept the truth or should i say they are never ready to accept an opportunity to try something different which might be the solution to the challenges they are facing as a citizen of Nigeria. Not even when it is presented to them in platter of gold.

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Nigerians screamed out loud for youth to be given the opportunity to rule in this country and after many days of protest and commentary on social media the “Not Too Young To Run” bill was pass to law.

But it is so unfortunate, obviously Nigerians are not ready for any change. Why? You asked.

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I have been reading comments from Nigerians on social media to know what Nigerians think about the Presidency aspirants but I am displeased with what I have read so far.

Nigerians have been arguing and insulting each other over APC and PDP Presidency aspirants. They are veraciously spilling out the two giant political party failures, their parties inability to sensitised their party, inability to keep to their promises and shameful act of members jumping from party to party to secure office which obviously means they don’t care about the people they serve.

Yet Nigerians still spend their valuable time arguing and abusing each other over them like it worth every second of their lifetime.

I wonder if Nigerians can use that same energy and relentless spirit to evaluate other political parties and their candidates to get to know who they are, what they are, what they can offer and arrived at a conclusion that they can deliver or not.

But capital NO! Nigerians rather fight each other over President Buhari’s failure and praise Atiku desire to come back as president under the same party where he was former Vice President, a party who uses 16 years to steal the nation’s wealth and drastically loss to their opposition party in what I called PDP Election Tragedy.

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We have fast forgetten why PDP lost, they could not just get it right, so many embezzlement and uncompleted abandoned project that worth millions of dollars not even in Naira.

I know your question is, is APC not corrupt? Yes they are corrupt.

My point is
What stop you from voting APC out and replace them with a candidate from another party whom you have thoroughly examine and have concluded in your heart to give a chance to prove you are right instead of wasting your data arguing over vampires that you know are vampires and they did not denied being a vampire.
Please Nigerians I am begging you to wake up from your slumber to vote wisely in 2019 but before then. Please stop wasting time creating unnecessary advert for the giant parties candidates. Instead, start calling out other Presidency aspirants and start asking them questions. 
APC and PDP are not the only political party in this country.

It is time to take our power back from them.

You can imagine, Atiku making the current Senate President and Former 2019 Presidency aspirants his Campaign Director General. Don’t say it is because they are from the same party. You want to tell me there are no credible youth in PDP that can be his DG?


Did I hear you say Saraki is a youth? Must it be Saraki? Must the political offices keep rotating around them. I have know Saraki since I was in high school and here i am almost becoming a father and Saraki is still holding office in this country.

The same goes to APC, with all their change campaign they don’t have any youth to present. So shameful!

It simply means, the wolfs are aligning to commence continuation of eating the national cake from where they stopped after losing to APC 3 years ago.

The prove is Ben Murray Bruce congratulations statement below

Congrats my leader, Distinguished Senator @bukolasaraki on your appointment as Director General, Atiku Presidential Campaign. Indeed, the lines are falling in the right places. #LetsGetNigeriaWorkingAgain

— Ben Murray-Bruce (@benmurraybruce) October 16, 2018

Nigerians please do not be a Jonah, this is not the time for you to sleep, neither is it the time to argue and call each other names. Rather it is time to ask questions from all the election candidates and let them answer without stalling!



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