Mo Abudu To Create African Female Warrior Series ‘Dahomey Warriors’.


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Left, Isha Sasey; Right, Mo Abudu. During an interview on CNN. Source: screenshot from Instagram.

Mo Abudu talks partnership with Sony to produce African female warriors series ‘Dahomey Warriors’
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Mo Abudu who is the Chairman and CEO of Ebony Life TV will be producing a movie reminiscing to the story of the female  bodyguards of wakanda in the Marvel Superhero movie Black Panther.

In an interview with Isha Sasey show on CNN, Mo Abudu elaborate on her story discovery six years ago the channel came across amazing stories, including one about female elephant hunters in 1645, who developed into a feared fighting force and bodyguard to the ruler of the west African kingdom of Dahomey (part of modern-day Benin). 

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Mo added that development of the project led to the search for a suitable global production partner, which resulted in the deal with Sony Pictures Television in late March, stressing that The Dahomey Warriors will be the first of many stories that will come to our screens, as a result of the deal with Sony.

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Watch the interview below

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