Mike Ezuronye calls Kunle Afolayan Anti-Igbo, Thought Kunle tagged him Yahoo fraudster.


     From Left: Mike Ezuronye, Kunle Afolayan.

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Veteran movie maker, Kunle Afolayan has been accused of trybalism against Igbos by his Nollywood colleague, Mike Ezuronye after he accused Mike of being an Internet fraudster.
Kunle had published on his social media platform handle screenshots of a chat he had with one Mwamdu Chibwe as regards Mike defrauding woman on social media. 

Meanwhile, Mike is not having it, stating Kunle Afolayan should have inform him first about the chat before posting it on social media.
Then Mike took to social media calling Kunle Afolayan a tribalist who doesn’t like working with Igbos based on his assumption that Igbos are spoiling the Nollywood industry 
Mike shared a screenshot of the chat and captioned it as: @kunleafo. The small respect I had for you is gone,yes I wrote u that in your sick DM.
U touched the wrong guy by posting this on your twitter and Instagram stories…
Guy,U buy wrong Market!!
U now acting like u don’t know impersonators are using Actors/Musicians/politicians /celebs fake profiles and videos to Defraud people world over????
Or haven’t u seen the ones caught in my respect and even jailed for impersonating me by @officialefcc ????.
Why am I surprised ,you’ve always HATED IGBOS..Are we going to forget in the Press ur statement years ago saying
“IGBOS are the ones spoiling the movie industry..U dont like casting them.”
Well this IGBO ain’t like u cos he was born in Lagos and speak flawless Yoruba..And loves the Yoruba people
U Tribalistic human!!!!!
Guyyyyy I don come meet u for anything for this life???…OMO HOLD YOURSELF O,before we for inside Nollywood go talk your matter outside..Rubbishhh
Kunle U ARE TOO SMALL to bring me down with this stuuuuuupidddd unethical act…smh
If u were wise ,wouldn’t u as a colleague call me ,ask questions before posting this Rubbish on your Instagram and Twitter?…
WHO DOES THAT….Obviously u…????????‍♂️????????‍♂️????????‍♂️????????????Mtcheww
DUDE,,,if u want a problem ,boyyyyyyy BRING IT ON …I’m so freaking READY!!!.
I’ve never called OUT any of my colleagues on social media but NIGGA u messed up this time ..????????smh
Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish
Where were u when GOD CHOSE ME???

However, it appears Mike misjudged Kunle Afolayan intentions as Kunle responded to claims that he is tribalistic not being true in a new post on Instagram.

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Kunle Afolayn repost screenshot of the chat again with captions explaining the motive behind making the chat public was to debunk the rumour that Mike is an internet fraudster and as also to prove that he does not condone fake news but unfortunately Mike misunderstood him.
“I’m compelled to publicly offer a response to Mike Ezuruonye’s diatribe against my person.
On Thursday, I shared on my Instagram timeline a message posted on my comment section about an unfounded insinuation of his involvement in scams.
With a message in Yoruba, which I inscribed on the post: “E gba mi o. Ewo n temi?” (Spare me, what’s my own) I had shared the post on my timeline with the intention to jocularly send a message to purveyors of fake news and unproven allegations that they should free me and by extension my other colleagues of such mindless allegations.
It was not just a message to subtly disprove such accusations but to send a signal that I frown against such intrusive messages.
Sadly, my colleague and brother took it badly even after exchange of private messages to explain the harmless intention behind my post.
Not only has he called me out openly and making a social media feast of his disavowal, he has also accused me of being anti-Igbo.
He is wrong!
While my apology to him subsists, because it’s only fair; it is pathetic of him to bring needless ethnic sentiment into a mere molehill of an issue that can’t be fancied as a mountain.
To me, it didn’t matter that the sender of that message is apparently Igbo. What’s important is that my post drew no negative comments until Mike decided to raise the roof.
To dissppoint Mike and other ethnic jingoists, this molehill issue isn’t enough for me to climb the rooftop to shout my detribalised Nigerian nature. The array of star colleagues and subject matters treated in my films, in addition to the staff in my workforce and friends in and out of Nollywood that i associate with, will easily put a lie to the cheap anti-Igbo toga that Mike has pitiable tried to dress me with.
My utmost regard is always reserved for him as a man of honour and large heart that I knew him to be.
Kunle Afolayan”


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