Meet Emeka Nelson, a Nigerian who invents generator that run on water


A Nigerian, Emeka Nelson built a generator that runs on water. Not acid water but drinking water. The same water you and i use to bath, cook, wash and do some other things.

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Emeka Nelson is an indigene of Anambra State who resides in the capital of the state, in Akwa.

Nelson dreamed of building a generator that runs on water and he has achieved his dream by making the generator a reality and have since the day been using it to power his two-bedroom apartment in Akwa, Anambra State.

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According to The Gist Nigeria Show on Channels TV, Emeka Nelson has no University degree in any engineering course what so ever neither is he a certified engineer but manage to scale through elementary school and work as house help at age 5 but has a backyard which he converted to his laboratory and a dream of an invention that could change how power is generated and transformed lives.

According to Nelson, the first prototype he built exploded and that discouraged him has people who know about his invention thought it can never be achieved but Nelson never gives up on his dream as he continued to pursue his dream.

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However, one night in his laboratory, he got his designs right and he successfully built a prototype that worked.

He said, “during his J.S.S 3 ( Junior Secondary School Class 3) he successfully built the prototype that was able to generates AC Volt which is 220 Volts”.

As seen in The Gist Nigeria documentary, Nelson’s generator that runs on water can generate maximum output of 1000 watts and Voltage that fluctuate between 220 volts – 240 volts and 1 litre of water can power the generator for six hours and it has zero emission and it is friendly to environment on like the regular generator the uses gas or petrol that inject and destroy our ecosystem with carbon monoxide

In the documentary, Nelson’s generator did not only power a bulb but an entire 2 bedroom apartment fully equipped with TV, video set, Ceiling fan and several bulbs.

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It took Nelson sixteen years of picking engineering materials from junkyards and a lot of trial and errors fueled by commitment and desire to achieved his dream.

This could be the answer to our long-unsolved electricity problem in Africa, especially Nigeria.

The Gist Nigeria show on Channels Television recorded a documentary that explains briefly how Emeka’s generator works

See the documentary below to see how the generator works and power Nelson’s apartment  

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