I did not believe it until i checked it out myself and believe me it worth every seconds spent and eating the food was equally worth the effort spent to get it.

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Yes! Kingstine-Jo website is back! Your number one go to burger restaurant now have a beautiful  and easy walk through responsive website loaded with different kinds of Kingstine-Jo delicious meals and delectable snacks that will make you always ask for more.

And guess what? Your order will be delivered in just 30 minutes. Yes! 30 minutes! You do not need to wait longer than 30 minutes. Wow! How cool is that?

So what do you think? Isn’t it time to bless your mouth with Kingstine-Jo delicious meal, give your shinning white teeth a rewarding job to do and satisfy your tommy with an amazing food. Huh! How sweat to have a great restaurant that knows how to prepare such great meal that makes your stomach jump for joy because of food.

Kingstine-Jo have all kinds of food you want fried rice, jollof rice, crispy chicken, B.B.Q chicken, salad, all types of swallow with mouth-watering soups like egusi, edikang ikong, okro suop, bitter leaf suop, oha soup e.t.c. Kingstine-Jo pastries hmmm… Is the best ever. Believe me one will never be enough until you eat up to 5. It is that awesome!

Never miss your morning breakfast toast with Kingstine-Jo flavoursome bread. You can now order for Kingstine-Jo bread online and get it in 30 minutes hassle free

CLICK HERE NOW TO ORDER Also available: Tuna Bread and Honey.

Oh! did i mentioned that Kingstine-Jo Isiewu and Nkwobi is the best in town? Oh my gush! when i had a taste it was so good that i counld not have enough it.


You can never know what you are missing until you place your order now and have taste. So what are you waiting for? Grab your phone or computer right now and place your order now on

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