Katy Perry to pay gospel singer $1.2million over copyright saga


Katy Perry who was sued to court by Gospel singer, Marcus Gray for similarities in Katy’s song ‘Dark Horse’ and Gray’s ‘Joyful Noise’ beat has cost Katy and her record label a whooping $1.2million for copyright infringement.

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The popstar who claims she does not know any song called joyful noise exist when to the stand has been ordered to pay $550,000 to Marcus while her record label, Capitol Records and producer pays the remaining sum.

During the trial, Perry’s lawyers said the two songs’ underlying beat was “commonplace” and therefore cannot be copyrighted.

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Perry performed a version of “Dark Horse” at the 2015 Super Bowl, while “Joyful Noise” has been viewed more than 3 million times on YouTube.

Dark Horse was released on December 17 2013 while Joyful Noise by Marcus Gray was released in 2008.

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