EFCC broaden Tinubu’s probe demand asset declaration records from CCB.

In an attempt to broaden investigation on Bola Tinubu’s probe the Economic and Financial Commission, EFCC in a letter has requested copies of the assets declaration form from the Code of Conduct Bureau.
According to People’s Gazette, the letter revealed that the investigation into Tinubu started last year after the removal of the former EFCC Chairmen, Ibrahim Magu.
The letter marked CR/3000/EFCC/LS/Vol4/322, dated November 6, 2020, was signed by the then Lagos zonal head, Abdulrasheed Bawa, who is now the Chairman of the EFCC.

The letter read in part, “In view of the above, you are kindly requested to furnish the commission with the outstanding requested information of Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu.

“This request is made pursuant to Section 38(1) and (2) of the EFCC Act 2004.”

According to PUNCH, a senior official confirmed the letter and also added that it was part of a wider probe.

The Anonymous official who spoke with PUNCH also added that the probe is a result of some petitions written against Tinubu dated back to 2018 which Magu had failed to act on.
The source said, “The letter is authentic. The EFCC is in receipt of several petitions against Tinubu including one involving alleged fraud in Alpha Beta Consulting.”

However, it was gathered that Managing Director of Alpha Beta Consulting, Mr Dapo Apara had written petitions to the commission accusing the firm of tax evasion and being managed by Tinubu albeit by proxy.

Meanwhile, Apara in a written summons marked LD/7330GCMW/2020, gives the respondents within 42 days appear or risk judgement made in their absence   

Also, Apara had instituted a lawsuit against Tinubu where he started that Tinubu control the company which receiving 10 per cent of the taxes collected on behalf of the state

According to the former MD of the company, while looking into its finances he made many discoveries such as the mysterious N200bn which was transferred to various company.

He stated, “N550million payment to Ocean Trust Ltd vide payment instruction dated the 15/5/18 N850million payment to Ocean Trust Ltd vide payment instruction dated the 14/3/15.”

The claimant said N960 million was spent on purchasing HITV’s 300,000,000 shares.

Apara stated that Tinubu was furious that he was looking into the company’s finances and this led to his demotion and eventual exit.

However, Alpha Beta Tax consultancy firm, Alpha Beta LLP, denied allegations levelled against it by Apara, adding that he had diverted about $5m during his time as managing director by inflating a contract which was worth about $300,000 and then diverted a separate N6bn to personal use.

The firm said it had reported Apara’s alleged fraud to the appropriate authorities but he had refused to show up and rather remained in Dubai.

The firm said Apara’s allegations levelled against Tinubu were specious and diversionary.

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