Dangote slams American mistress $30,000 lawsuit for exposing his buttocks on social media


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Nigerian Billionaire, Aliko Dangote has filed a lawsuit against American mistress for exposing his buttocks on social media as it affects his reputation as a notable man of excellence in Nigeria and Africa.

According to People Gazette, Dangote filed the lawsuit in a court seating in Maimi, Florida.
Dangote slammed the mistress who goes by the @allarounda1 a $30,000 Lawsuit which he appeared to have filed under a pseudonym, John Doe. The name also has an alias that says ‘DA’, which appeared presumably as initials for Aliko Dangote. 
However, @allarounda1 who’s real name is Autumn Spikes took to social media to expose the lawsuit and threaten Mr Dangote that he had taken the wrong turn by making the case public, adding that Mr Dangite risk having additional embarrassment as she has got more information to post about him on the internet.
Although, Autumn earlier claimed she was offered payment for silence an arrangement which she rejected before the occurrence of the lawsuit.

Autumn added that she has been in a relationship with Mr Dangite for nine years and they never signed a non-disclosure agreement to gag her from sharing the affairs with the public.
On January 2 2021, the mistress, Autumn Spike (@allrounda1) had posted on Instagram, a video of herself and Mr Dangote on a couch inside what appeared to be luxury Yacht. Although, the country the Yacht was sailing as at the time the video was taken was not revealed. In the video, Mr Damgote was seen, covered in an orange blanket while using his mobile phone amidst clearly exposed his buttocks.

She also posted pictures of Mr Dangote alighting from a luxury plane in a private hanger, describing herself repeatedly as a ‘ForbesListSugarBabe’ in an apparent reference to her lover’s status amongst an elite list of world’s billionaires.
Autumn Spike later deleted the images and videos after she was bombarded by bloggers asking for more story about her relationship with Mr Damgote. She was also presumed to have published the videos and images for the fame of which she claimed otherwise 

You will recall in December, a restaurant operator in the United States who goes by the name Bea Lewis posted on Instagram images of herself and Mr Dangote with a caption which says she is a former Mr Dangote’s girlfriend, however, Autumn Spike claimed she claimed she did what she did to clean Mr Dangote’s name from that mess.

Mr Dangote’s lifestyle has been largely kept from the public until now. Little was known about him beyond his marriage and divorce in the past. Mr Dangote’s media aides have yet to comment on the scandalous affairs that seemed to be pointing at the billionaire’s steep appetite for glowing American women. 
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