Cynthia Morgan claps back at a fan who says her lifestyle stunted her musical career.

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Cynthia Morgan clapped back at a fan who said her lifestyle f**ked up her musical career.
The fan had directed his unsolicited opinion to her about her stunted growth in the music industry.
The Twitter user with the handle, @kingezzy tweeted that she would have been a female dancehall export out of Africa but she was rather messed it up by her lifestyle.

”Cynthia Morgan would’ve been the biggest female dancehall artiste export out of Africa… but her label & lifestyle fucked her up.” – he tweeted.
Then the pop singer who now goes by the name Madrina asked the fan to explain to her how her lifestyle destroyed her musical career.
@kingezzy replied: Can’t go into details… Let the past be passed! U still one of my faves since Dutty Stepping”

Then she replied: You are useless

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