Security State of Nigeria


Security State of Nigeria (SSON) by Dr Kenny Odugbemi

Nigeria is on the precipe of total disintegration, with issues of security matters now heart wrenching as nowhere is safe to live again, even in the SouthWest, which used to be a safe haven, where we now have serial kidnappings of students by kidnappers, now negotiating ransom and killing of two monarchs in Ekiti state..

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Fy-2022- fiscal year

Non-state actor killed 4545 people and kidnapped 4,611

Fy 2023-2024 the trends still continues unabated

We have over 49% of our people living in slums, with over 95million of our people living in poverty with $1.9 per day

*Nigeria is a failing Nation

Nigeria government have practically failed in two major critical tasks of Nation building of disgruntled people who are unwilling to stay together due to ethnicity and religious dichotomy but coerced through Violence characterized and deceitfulness of unthinkable lapses in certificate forgery, drug related offence aided electioneering activities judicial and security might to forcefully with antecedent of disharmony, non cohesion

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We can safely affirm that poverty is the major root cause of our insecurity

We have over 20million out of school children,
*33% headline unemployment
*43% of Youth unemployment

Secondly, poor management of our social investment and infrastructure as a result of fuel subsidy removal foundationated on monumental corruption from inception where
*Former Minister Siphoned N33bn, *National Coordinator N44bn,
*New Minister nearly N600m with other official wrecklessness,

The financial loop holes in the antecedence of financial wrecklessness have further hindered the federal government’s major social intervention.

*Federal government intervention to cushion removal of fuel subsidy

The capital injection intervention of over N2b given to all states did not make much impact, though few states tried but many successfully mismanaged this fund across different state because separation of powers and the federal government has no direct control of financial management across all our 36 states, including Abuja as federal capital.

*State of our economy

Our economy is in chaos, quagmire and near comatose with galloping inflation.

CBN’s saddle with implementing monetary policy and price stability has gradually given the Nation breath of life to normalize the wealth of the Nation

*Recalibrating National revenue streams

With further increase in Revenue, we will resuscitate from our almost dead end status of Nigeria economy

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*CBN empowerment

CBN has now been ordered to collect income from the sale of crude oil to prevent revenue loss, promote accountability and transparency with new vigour of FRIS meeting and surpassing the target of over N11rn there is hope, but it advisable for harmonization of the following revenue agencies these includes *Nigeria Custom service
*Nigeria upstream petroleum regulatory commission
*Federal inland Revenue all to have same treasury account numbers whilst they face their individual core mandate,

Federal Inland Revenue will then be Coordinating Revenue unit for Nigeria, with improved revenue streams, robust social investment structures, poverty will further be alleviated and this will reduce vulnerability to destructive attack by Non state actors

*Security measure

There is need Nigeria to procure state of art current global equipment and tools such as live drones to fire missiles from air space
Most Security outfit such as Amotekun are not weaponized, whilst Hizbah and unknown gun Men, terrorist are heavily weaponize what a selective political arrangements by the last administration.

✓We need to revisit the issue of State Police across existing Divisional police formation to tackle current dreaded terrorist

✓We here by advice government to revisit the 2014 Constitutional conference communique outlining multil policing structure, this will mitigate against the current fake and wreckless 1999 Constitution where major decisions come from Abuja to all regions

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✓Governor as Chief State Security officers are limited in power as they selectively deal with Federal police structure in their respective States

✓Northern region epic centre of Violence

✓We have excessive drug misuse, poverty and a general feeling of pessimism among Northern States, hence the Governor who is whole responsible for maintaining law and order now remains bomoaned being unable to take appropriate action or communicate the fundamental problem

✓The emergency of State Militia with religious bias of dealing with Security Mangu Village is now a source of worry

✓The emergence of Vigilante militia will require more dialogue, with proactive measure if being weapon through appropriate law of the land to combat current devastating insurgence across all regions including Abuja

*Personnel Data Vitals

Military and security services are on active duty
Arm-force personnel structure Fy 2022
✓Army -100,000
✓Security and Civil defense-80,000

(Ref IMF,NBD,CIA World fact)


*The aforementioned security human interface is grossly inadequate to secure over 220million

*This is the right time for full scale restructuring, recalibrating and repositioning Nigeria among Committees of peaceful whole Nation


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