Politicizing Security Lapses – Dr Kenny Odugbemi


The Airforce Headquarters spokesman was too quick to deny the act of bombing a religious group in Kaduna, as reported, and was constitutionally responsible for maintaining air space integrity as an act of innocence.

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This is an indication that our armed forces are working with Silos as a solitary institution despite being under the control of National Security Adviser Nuhu Ribadu , this is a clear signal of slack and snag, may be that is one of the reason, we have continuously expended tens of trillion without been able to conquer through asymmetric warfare strategic actions against the terrorism, and kidnapping

It is note-worthy to emphasize the first line of communication, which in this case is inconsistent with right protocol of having a Chief of Defense and National Security, we only see the Chief of army staff being the first to claim responsibility

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We now wonder why we have a Minister of defense and Minister of State who paid Courtesy visit after first line report before the state visit of Vice President

What is the position of our cultural groups such as:

It is obvious that these groups are merely cacophonic, vociferous, self-centered, with the only entitlement mentality to dominate one another in vying for the highest office which was quite obvious during electioneering campaign promoting ethnic agenda and religious bigotry

What is the position of opposition parties?

There was no effective communication of voice… attitude as reflected in the broadcast in the newspaper and other media channels of communication

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It is obvious that our democracy is shrinking, where much of the populace is uninspired about the agenda of these opposition groups.

The quest for coalition to prevent the emergence of a one-party state based on the antecedent of APC party in power, non-political players cannot underpin. any meaningful political ideology

Political parties in their diversity need to know their audience can command relevance, retracing their steps to get the populace on the right path.

Political parties are an amalgamation of people with a common agenda moving with consensus agreement, not ambiguous in their manifestoes and ideology to resolve protracted dilemmas in Nigeria.

Pre and post-election activities reveal the caricature nature of belligerent and belliquent self-styled, whose aim is to hijack Presidency but their efforts were on grinded from Tribunal and Supreme Court being the court of policy and final adjudication in Nigeria.

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Legislatures – NASS

The majority must have their way

Minority will have their Voice

Looking at the number strength of opposition they are more than ruling party but they are all of no noticeable value in hallow chambers since they are benefitting from largess wasting our common patrimony on ostentatious ,good thus living in high opulence as over 133m people in Nigeria continue to wallow in deep poverty.


This current administration is squander-maniac, insensitive to our distressed economy

All the fundamentals of the new budget fall on the high risk probability of not being able to achieve N18.5trn

APC government must reduce overhead costs going forward

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