Nigeria’s Student Housing Market – Dr Kenny Odugbemi


Nigeria’s Student Housing Market

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The private sector’s push into Nigeria’s student housing market is estimated at $250m

Private developers will need to partner with Developmental partners to facilitate FDI to develop Student housing units a ready made need of over five thousand tertiary institutions covering
Universities -States and Federal
College of Medicine
College of Technology
Other tertiary institutions including Vocational schools
Over the last few years, higher education institutions have switched their business models to lean ones to reduce their setup and operating costs. One of the strategies adopted is outsourcing various aspects of their operations, such as student housing, to third-party developers and operators.

This has prompted investors to develop privately-owned student accommodation to bridge the gap between the increasing demand for student accommodation and what can be provided by higher education institutions.

Africa’s top business people as they reveal value in building African students’ housing capacity

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  • Ideas: Potential business opportunities in Africa to explore.
  • Trends: How innovation, changing consumption patterns and other forces are impacting countries and industries in Africa.
    Special e of Eye on A.I.
    Federal government’s movement around AI ought to be at center stage, sparked by the Senate’s first listening session to inform how it might regulate emerging technology.
    So today ought to be catching up on what’s been happening around AI at the state and local levels, where we ought to be seeing executive orders, regulations, chatbot rollouts, and overall, a whole lot more in the way of action.
    Our President needs to sign an executive order establishing a new AI task force to inform how the state’s government could benefit from the technology.
    The task force must be charged with studying, evaluating, and developing policy and administrative recommendations for AI deployment and is due to report its findings by the end of this year.

“The private sector must be finding ways to use Ai to increase efficiency,”
“Potential exists for the government to use AI to root out inefficiencies and duplicate regulations, and it is an essential piece of developing a workforce that can compete on a global level.”


Minister of telecomms and digital economy must establish new policies around how state agencies and departments procure, use, and train employees regarding generative AI technology.
To mandate the State agencies and departments to create risk assessment reports regarding how generative AI could affect their work, the state’s energy usage, and the economy, as well as a report examining “the most significant and beneficial uses of GenAI in the state.”
States must start to grapple with the usage of AI within government,

The use of AI tools for government uses, respectively. is sarcocant

The moves toward state-level AI regulation go far beyond government usage. Overall, 36 states must be incorporated
AI regulations must be part of larger consumer privacy laws that either pass or will go into effect this year, according to the nonprofit Electronic Privacy Information Center, which recently published a report outlining how every state-level AI law must be proposed, passed, and go into effect.
These laws must target a varied set of issues, addressing facial recognition,
The use of AI for hiring, and the right to opt out of various automated decisions, among others.
States must propose bills regulating generative AI in particular.

When we get down to the local level, at the third point we must see generative traits
AI must turn up as government tools in partnership to develop a generative AI-powered digital assistant for the city. Designed with the State’s and Abuja headquarters identity, tone of voice, and knowledge,
it must be available in early 2024 to answer residents’ questions, such as about park facilities or the trash pick-up schedule.
Eye on AI, the digital assistant’s ability to easily provide information across multiple languages, is a big point of interest
Generative AI presents an opportunity to connect with our entire population not only for access to city services but also in our digital literacy and workforce development efforts.”

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But with issues around bias, “hallucination,” and more still swirling around generative AI, there are some obvious concerns to adopting it for government use at this time. using ChatGPT for their initial development in the cloud
AI companies must focus on enterprise knowledge management, “critical” to combating multilayer issues as it relates to cybercrime related issues.


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