Nigeria Must Rethink Governance

Nigeria Must Rethink Governance

Nigeria Must Rethink Governance by Dr Kenny Odugbemi

There are various duties a person requires from the Nation these include
✓Economic growth development
✓Good governance
✓Quality education
✓Removing poverty
✓Removing of all social issues brings the following
*gender equality,
*respect every one
*Remove child labour for healthy youth
*Robust Care for Elders and Vulnerables

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We can wrap up these strategic roles using pareto principles to include the following such as

✓Provide security of life and properties
✓Provide robust social welfare across all demographics

Security of life and prosperity

Economic vitals

✓Fy 2015-2023-N12trn
✓Fy 2024-N3.2trn

There is an intense vociferous uproar in NE, NW, NC which extend beyond scope of PMB + Kaduna, Benue +Plateau

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As a matter of urgency, NASS has invited the following to defend incessant killing
✓NSA-Nation Security Adviser
✓Service Chief- Army, defense, Air force
Director general-NIA,SS
✓ Inspector general of Police

There is a need to probe these killings
Kaduna birinin village-87
Boko – destruction of 200 properties

Despite miscreant written letter of notice, there’ not mitigation by force to halt the destruction, and this is a strong sense of compromise despite toothless marching order by President they maintain their usual status allowing wallows of destruction of life and property.

To have a future Nigeria
Find below my suggestions

Mobilize the following citizenship
Antigraft agencies-EFCC,ICPC to avoid selective judgement for defaulters

Pronounce and punish criminals

Promote holistic synergies between service chiefs – as of today they are cosmetics

Ensure sanity in any electoral process

Reduce comprise between Army and police

Improve on transparent and accountability

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Social welfare infrastructure

As today ethnicity and religious sentiment will till eternity play of pivotal role in all our National activities
We need to do the following
Developing a culture of citizenship
Enhance National discuss of National interest over ethnicity, religious dichotomy

Build trust level among executive, legislative

Humanitarian effect

We have a serious humanitarian crisis across the Northern region that requires distribution of food
We have failed woefully in this national assistance last administration were looters with no record

Fy 2012-2023

We have over 8.7m who are dying of hunger, depression, and deprived of being displaced by terrorists and Boko Haram

We have compromised on level 3 Humanitarian intervention level
✓Scale of crimes
✓Complexity and capacity for crimes
✓Reputational risk to respond

There is established complacency against all security architecture promoting looting arms having carnal knowledge of women and girls just like miscreant one can not deny gross complicity

Current humanitarian effort is pity- party with burgoos media coverage

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Many citizens are cornered off being treated with denials by insensitive government officials

The more we look, the less we see, how come we have an additional 11m people added to the poverty line in 2023

Reflection on National vitals
Total appropriated budget approved N87.7trn
External borrowing method and mean N7.3trn
Statutory provisions N1.7trn
Debt service N8.3trn
Recurrent expenditure-N8.7trn
Army command gives flimsy excuse despite being provided with helicopters
Federal government have failed total performance is far below that to stem killing unabated due to politicking and policing.
Time to promote community police
People of age must allow people to carry small arms
These miscreants have never been paraded
If the Services chief s are capable they must step down
Federal police have failed woefully


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