Hegemonic Political Godfatherism – Dr Kenny Odugbemi


Hegemonic political godfatherism is a political, economic, cultural, and security dominance across all tiers of government (local-state-federal) with the sole aim of holding this institution in perpetual capacity as a power broker and looter of the state Treasury through criminal gangsterism called political structure.

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This is a forceful dominance of leadership and state organizational structure, this is the character impunity that run through all States creating opportunity for continuous hegemonic looting and absolute oppression and suppress ion of the will of the people through instrumentality of state judiciary, and build up of mercenary of tools and hooligans, drug addict, cultist who do not value life of the people, visible evidence abound as agbero’s in Lagos and cultist across Southwest, Ebubeagu/unknown gun Men in South east, Militants in South south, Terrorist/Boko Haram that is why we can never have free and fair election, and we will continue to have people of low moral compass with no integrity and credibility how can we have good government and sanity in governance typical example Fubara Vs Wike saga in River state, what a shame and disgrace to our pseudo-democracy the government of looters accommodating hooligans whilst the State suffer with hunger and anger

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Feature of godfather
These hegemonic political leaders are not visionary, selfish, self-centered, power drunk and chronic looter at all levels, very deceitful, financially reckless and yet the general populace are looking for good dividend of democracy, peace and prosperity as long as we continue with those godfather operating with litany of insanity, Nigeria should forget true democracy, especially under current expensive presidential system of government

The godfather lacks capacity, competence and morally bankrupt with worse off character formation, they talk and act like demigods because we are in a garrulous society with no respect for law and order and instrumentality of law can be purchased at will,

Nigeria’s political innuendos

That hegemonic ambition is now. a common phenomenal with Lagos state as epic centre eg
Asiwaju Vs Ambode is a good example
Another Sorosoke episode
Asiwaju vs Fashola saga

Yahyah Bello vs Ajaka Kogi

Saraki -ootoge – Ilorin

Oshiomole vs Obaseki- Edo no be Lagos etc

Impact on the State

There is a huge loss of capacity. as looting continues from one administration to another in a covered up mode

Hence all the states are insolvent especially in the North, characteristic insecurity is the main occupation of the citizens as looting continues unabated, no social400 security there is deep poverty, hunger and anger yet they receive fiscal monthly allocation and security votes like any other state governors

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Nigeria is growing with loss of control of internal security despite over N12TRN spent in last administration and projected FY 2024- N3trn in addition to supplementary budget of fy2023, the change of Service Chiefs and new Security adviser ,we only have slight reduction, as killing still avail, it worthy to state that Army killed 400 people from 2017-2023 through drone bomb test, a show of gross incompetence and maladministration
The combined effect of unpatriotic cabal sponsoring terrorism despite being document from UAE and our government, rather than naming and shaming, shows connivance in the word of late Gen Sanni Abacha, if insecurity persistent for more than 24hours then government machinery is involved.
Where do we go from here?
The combinational legacy of cabals across six geopolitical regions including Abuja walking freely despite being known is worrisome
How sincere is this government toward combating terrorism this is very doubtful

As of today, the judiciary is in complete jeopardy hence there is no coordinated effort to arrest or prosecute any offender

True demo has this feature

Power belongs to the people not the few as of today
Our natural endorsement of oil and mineral deposits is not meant to be stolen by chain command of unpatriotic cabals across all sectors, it is meant to improve the welfare of Nigerians.

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As a common citizen with a vision and right to understand, knowing our rights and privileges’ must demand broad-based accountability at all levels of government
Open up to looters so that we can shame them and their families

Looters have a common agenda, hence the people must also have the same agenda through Human rights lawyers, Civil society, Opinion leaders of thought, good leaders who are selfless, honest with integrity ,we all must join hands to stop there hegemonic looters whose children are in the very legislative house doing the bidding of their fathers and mothers. We should flush them out and not vote for them again
Lai Mohamed’s past information remains a good example

This government needs to be more transparent and stop being squandamaniac at all levels.

The government must create a special purpose vehicle to commence restructuring, devolution of power
Nigeria is failing speedily to let us arrest arrester and defend the sovereignty and sanctity of Nigeria as a true Federation

Ooto ge! Awon godfather allows Nigerians to breathe

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