FY 2023 End Year Overview/Beginning of FY 2024 Loading Perspectives


FY 2023 End of Year Overview/Beginning of FY 2024 Loading Perspectives by Dr kenny Odugbemi

Fy 2023.Concluding year end

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Bicameral legislative deliquescent and beligerent character status-quo

Multilevel legislative and executive dichotomy without proper checks and balances

Checks and balances outweighing separation of power

Power drunkenness’ excessively eroding through power curson between executive, legislative and judiciary

Redirect to public potential energy on Federal executive and legislatures assembly upper and lower house jettisoning State executive council

Ineffective and inefficient governance, delineating roles and responsibilities across the board

Lack of understanding of different parties manifestoes by general public citizenry

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Populace not feeling third arm of government the local government network

A recent executive order of 50% public transport, and zero Rail cost but tickets registration left at mercies of unpatriotic rail staff selling tickets, thereby rendering government orders ineffective and inefficient across the board, living gullible citizens in suffering mode.

Policies audacious, repulsive and reactive

Workability of government defrauding National treasury

Destructive public service delineated from 1975 public structure

Present civil structure with no knowledge transfer,deficent character formation

No Nationalism,no prosperity syndrome

Federal structure untrained,uniformed with third world mentality

No demographic value driven policy deployment

Character missing in our leadership structure

Destroyed family values

Destroyed justice system with no equity, values less religious structure

There can not prosperity without character

Education at ground zero level

Fy 2024 public outlook

Revival of good foundation system

MDA’s are not yet elected but defrauded yet managing elected membership

Culture not predating power coordination

Civil service with reformed search engine

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Political classes are moving away from their idiosyncrasies

Correct valuation of Service delivery with global metric system

Restructured recalibrated MDA’S deliverables with clear objective mechanisms committed deliverables, collaborative and corroborative efforts not missing out on proper synergy at all levels of governance structure

Repositioning of government linkages in translating government programs with state machinery buying in repositioning all local government structures to be more effective and functional

Governors freeing local governments to boost performance levels

Enablement of LCDA’s to be more accessible to populace just like Lagos LCDA network

Recalibrating and restructuring Rural economy throughput Rural development inniatives

Re-energizing strengthening collaborative local government network with fund readily available by the State for meaningful local government development

Mentoring and guidance for future leadership

Fatherly figure and true motherhood at family level

Sound ecosystem based on sound value system through inspiration, motivation and right influence but political class, with parental influence not outsourcing to social media, public agencies and religious setup Christianity and Islamic injunctions

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Education curriculum changes to reform political class in government network

Transformative religious institutions not summoning on political issues

Good influence of Leadership by not emptying public treasury when there is a change of leadership

Maintaining decorum and discipline with good tenets

No civility, no productivity, no prosperity

Introducing sanctioning mechanisms

Maintaining pricehood in judiciary

Judiciary more functional by not accepting prices from offenders to overcome good judgement

Consequence management

Reforming institutional frameworks that regulate good behavioural patterns

Transformative, reformative institution, Nigeria call to obey in accordance to our National anthems to protect our sovereignty

Reformed by becoming good citizens to produce good and credible leadership with integrity to offer good governance for a good dividend is democracy

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