Climate change Conference (COP28) – Dr Kenny Odugbemi


Africa is most vulnerable, as a dumping ground for all forms of depletion of the ozone layer

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Nigeria is the 10th most vulnerable country in Africa’s sub region

There exist need to get loss and damage fund leveraging on pledge from most polluting Countries to mitigate and adapt to climate change

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Alliance for Nature finance

✓To achieve substantial carbon credit, it was considered most desirable to have a competent team from the most vulnerable countries with Africa region to interface with international communities of polluting Nation to attract direct pledge of million of dollar pledges

✓Furtherance to other strategic issues, there exists a need to set up an accountability framework to track promises and pledges in addition to ensure the utilization of this fund in the most transparent manner to determine the forthright implementation across different vulnerable countries.

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Benefits of COP 28

Our commitment to set up a manufacturing plant of Lithium found in abundance in Nigerian states is one of the important component in the manufacturing of battery chambers, an important segment and component in renewable energy scheme by capitalizing on existing natural resources for the manufacturing of batteries to restore our lost glory in the 4th industrial revolution

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Restructuring of global finance by African development bank with a pledge of $350m


We have significant pledge of $600m which is expected to grow to the projected estimate of $1bn

This quantum will be administered by World bank to redesign climate change and financial stream


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