Church orders bride to clean make-up because it’s against their doctrines.

It has been gathered that a bride on her joyous crossover day of transition from Miss to Mrs had to remove all the extras added on her face to bring out her beauty (make-up) because it is against her church doctrines.
According to PulseNG, the young bride had walked majestically with her ‘entourage’ to the church premises hoping to be accorded the usual pomp and pageantry that wedding ceremonies are known for.

On driving to the church she was asked to clean up the make-up completely before the church service that will precede the wedding could start.

According to, the church identified as Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries, frown at make-up seriously as it is not in line with their doctrines

It was reported that the make-up artist is known as Peenfaces on Instagram having shared the story before and after photos of the bride. 

The make-up artist lamented in her Instagram post that the unexpected situation got her frustrated because after the knot she barely has time to start the make-up afresh for the reception within 10 minutes.
“I had an unusual encounter with my bride on Saturday. After Her engagement in the morning, I had to take off Her make-up for church service.

“Her church doesn’t permit make-up. I was frustrated and angry because I would have to start the make-up from scratch for her reception. And we know the rush is usually epic when they come back from church for the reception program.

“We barely even have enough time for touch-ups not to talk about starting the make-up afresh. I was anxious cos I had just 10 mins to fix Her makeup, but then God came through for me.

“Makeup isn’t a small work as some people assume, especially when you have limited time to work on a face,” Peenfaces captioned a video that was later deleted.

However, it is no news that the doctrines of churches in Nigeria varies and their members embrace them to heart. 

Here are our questions 
Do you think make-up is good? 
Should church allow a bride to make-up on the wedding day? ( at least just for that day)
Is it truly ungodly to wear make-up? 
Leave your answer in the comments box below.

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