Child Abuse: Meet Joseph Whom A Woman Deceitfully Brings To Lagos To Hawk Banana


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* Nigerian Actor and Philanthropist,    Williams Uchemba ready help Joseph off the street.

* Joseph to return back to parents in Akwa Ibom.

Nigerian Actor and Philanthropist shares picture of a boy whose name is Joseph on IG. Says the boy was found hawking on the street of Lagos against his will and has not eaten for three days.

According to Williams, Joseph disclosed to him in a video chat that his anonymous guardian brought him to Lagos for educational support instead makes him hawk goods for her in Lagos.

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Williams Uchemba in a video chat with Joseph.

“So I had a video chat with Joseph, he is 10 years old and his from akwa Ibom state. He told me that he is living with a woman that took him from his parents in the village and promised that she will send him to school in Lagos because his parents couldn’t afford to train him, but when he got to Lagos instead of school the lady put him on the street to sell things and bring money back to her. I have tried to talk with the lady to have a better understanding of the situation but she doesn’t want to talk instead she said we can take the boy.” Williams Uchemba.

He also added that Joseph want to go back to his parents whom he has not seen or spoken to since his arrival in Lagos. According to Joseph, his parents are not aware of his situation in Lagos.

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Williams has decided to send him back to his parents and also find out what the parents needs are. He also promises to put Joseph on scholarship.

“I have spoken with Joseph and he said he wants to go back home and go to school because his parents who he hasn’t seen or spoken to doesn’t know that he is hawking in Lagos , and yes he hasn’t eaten in 3 days.. Anyway I want to clean him up today and put him on the flight today to akwa Ibom with some people, know what the parents needs and put him on Scholarship with the help of God.” Williams Uchemba

He also urged to the people to assist in taking hawking kids off the street to help secure better future for them and the society at large.

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“He has a bright future( I can tell) and if not for anything kids of his age are not suppose to be on the street but in school..he is one out of many and I can’t take all off the road alone so I urge you to help the ones you can when you see them” Williams Uchemba.


Joseph was seen sleeping by side of one the major road in VGC selling plantain at exactly 10:00pm by Unilagolodo boss.

He made moves to get him back home only to discover the shocking story above. 


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