Channels TV receives backlash for addressing Saadat Aliyu as “Kano Lady”

One of Nigeria most prominent news television station, Channels TV backlashed heavily for addressing Saadat Aliyu as “Kano Lady” on International Woman’s Day.

Channels had reported the success of Saadat Aliyu who created an android app that enables sexual abuse victims to file their reports. Unfortunately for Channels TV the story headline which read “Kano Lady Develops Android App For Reporting Rape Cases” did not sit well with many.

On the brighter side, Saadat Aliyu is a Kano born and founder of Shamrock Innovations, Women and Youth-Centric Tech Innovation Hub in Kano.

She developed an android app named ‘Helpio App’ launched on August 6 2020, on Playstore. 

The app ‘Helpio’ is designed for reporting cases of sexual abuse.

Aliyu Speaking on Channels TV, said “You can go to the Play store, search for it and install it. After Installation, you can sign up using email and password either in Hausa or English language,” she told Channels Television on Monday.
“So far the Initiative for Support of Victims of Sexual abuse, Orphans and Less privileged (ISSOL) and Equity Destitute, Child Right and Welfare initiative (EDCRAWI) have signed up in the platform.”
According to Aliyu, she started learning IT skills from her brother when she was in junior secondary school and subsequently became a self-taught developer.
She also added that her next project will be launched very soon and is fintech-oriented conceived to continue making an impact on women and people’s lives by advocating and developing solutions.
Below are selected tweets 

Channels Television decided to be unfortunate on International women’s day. They wouldn’t even address a lady correctly by her name, talmbout “Kano Lady”.

— Ade (@adedoyeean) March 9, 2021

Kano lady = Sa’adat Aliyu
She deserves everything.

— BLACK BOSS???? (@AM_Abiyos) March 9, 2021

@channelstv while we appreciate you showcasing a hard work, a little more consideration would have made it worthwhile: I would love the heading to read “A Kano Lady, Saadat Aliyu… She has a name please”!

— احمد خويلد بتوري (@mrkhuwailad) March 9, 2021

Journalism these days don’t rate us anymore ????

I strongly believe no mother will name her child “Kano Lady”
Who does that?

— DON LONGEVITY???????????? (@Longevity_Dan) March 9, 2021

It should have been A Nigerian lady. Not a Kano lady. When will we stop all these divides? When will we start seeing ourselves as a country? Congratulations to her. She’s made Nigeria proud.

— josh (@ajoshy_u) March 8, 2021

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