Bayelsa govt. Impounds 34 cows violating open grazing law.

The government of Bayelsa State have impounded 34cows in Yenagoa for violating the state open grazing law through the enforcement agency, Livestock Management Committee(BSLMC).
According to People’s Gazette, BSLMC found the cows around the Bayelsa Palm Estate in the state capital.

Speaking with journalist, Chairman of BSLMC and agricultural commissioner, David Alagoa said they have informed the herders the impounded battles would remain in the custody of the committee until the herders paid the prescribed fine.

“Over time, the communities around Bayelsa Palm Estate have become open fields for the cows because the herders are moving them and trekking around the area.

“We have been monitoring their movements over time, and we decided to do a surprise hit.

“We are going to follow the law that states that when we impound, there is also a fee to be paid in that process, and I want to assure you that we are going to follow the law,” Mr Alagoa explained.

Also at the press briefing, Special Adviser on security to the governor, Agberebi Akpoebi, said the committee was working in synergy with its local government operatives to enforce the anti-open grazing law.

“If they (operatives) see cows anywhere in the state, they let us know. We go and verify and we take the necessary steps to make sure they do not embark on open grazing anymore,“ Mr Akpoebi said.

The Deputy Commissioner of police in charge of the operations in Bayelsa, Aminu Alhassan, also confirmed to the media that the public has been sensitized on the open grazing law. 
Reacting to the report he said; “The management of the situation is very clear. We were all part of the law that brought about the anti-open grazing, and we are very conversant with it.

“We have sensitised everybody and the way we have done it now, even the least person in the business of livestock is fully aware.

“The only thing is that implementation is taking some slow dimension because there are still some people who are adamant about compliance.”

Other sources: NAN

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