Posting Songs On Popular Sites Without Promotion Is A Waste Of Time And Money


* When will upcoming Artiste grow up and realised that paying popular sites to post your song will not make you famous. What will make you famous is proper single, EP, FP or Album promotion strategy. You don’t have to break the bank to do proper promotion for your song. 

* With 10k, 20k or more (depending on how far you want it to go or your pocket) you can get a well planned online song promotion with better results than paying popular sites for a post which you will still be begging people on WhatsApp to download and share.

You want to how? Continue reading…

Music promotion in Nigeria is a big deal. It is an important but strategic move that determines the future of the song or album to be release as well as the future of the Artiste but it is so unfortunate that many artistes especially, upcoming artiste turn blind eyes at it.
Every day, I received messages on my WhatsApp messenger from friends and Artistes to please visit a certain site to download their song and also share to people.
‘Please check out my latest song. It is a banger and now available for download
Please download and share with friends.’
Like seriously, when I see post like this I ask myself what is the point of going into the studio to record a song when you will not give it the proper promotion it requires to make it known.
Making music every day does not make you an Artiste. What makes you an Artiste? Is the ability to create good sound or commercial sound, make it accessible for purchase, listening or free download and create well planned awareness for it to create a place of value for the song or album in the market place. I mean, to what sense does it make to record a song, post it on a popular site without a genuine or should I say solid promotion?
You can have your song available on iTune, Tidal, Amazon, MtnMusicPlus,,, or or whatever popular site you like, if you did not promote it; it is a waste! Take it or leave it.
Posting music on popular site or less popular site does not make you or your song famous rather it only makes it accessible for people to download it either by purchasing it or download it for free. 
Why do you think Davido and his label mates always drop anticipation broadcast about their new song on social media before the actual release date? What do you think all their celebrity show-off online is all about? Like Rainer said in the movie titled ‘Famous In Love’ – ‘It’s called acting’.
Let me give you a microscopic example from Davido (this is my own observation which means “what I think about what I am about to tell you. So don’t think I hate him. I love ‘OBO’).
Davido understand music business so well and that is the reason he knows what to give his fans at the right time, in the right way and rake in all the cash. So I will start with the most recent one.
After the remarkable success of his internationally loved single, ‘FIA’ David Adeleke needed to drop something to attract lot of attention again. We called ‘Hit’. He looked around and said what will be more interesting than a love story.
Knowing how much we all love celebrity love story, him and his team decided to establish Cinderella story but in a Nigerian way. So as usual Davido, Mayokun and other DMW gang member started disturbing the internet with anticipation post ‘new music coming soon’. So we started looking for what is coming. We were so expectant that we could not wait for it to drop already.
Davido dropped ‘Assurance’ like a dynamite with the story that the song was dedicated to the love of his life, Chioma. So he got us talking but not as much as he expected. So David and his team thought of a new way to raise the alarm and he took Chioma on vacation to Barbados.
Note: the same cloth they wore in the pictures that trended on internet about the vacation was one of the cloth they both wore in the video. That means, it was not just a vacation but also “business as usual”. Sharp guy right?
The noise still did not push up the rating of the song as expected so they came with the bomb shell. He bought 45 million naira Porsche Cayenne 2018 for Chioma as birthday gift and tweeted on twitter – ‘I give my baby ‘Assurance’. “Wow!”
Note: again title of the song ‘Assurance’ popped up again. 
Suddenly, all Nigerian girls were head over hills chanting this lyric ‘Davido is so romantic. He bought Chioma a whopping 45 million naira car on her birthday and they started looking for who will give them ‘Assurance’ all over Nigeria and on internet. Lol!
Few weeks after the car noise died down. Davido went online again and revealed an endorsement deal of 65 million naira he declined for Chioma. According to Davido, he declined the deal on her behave and told the anonymous company to make the deal 100 million naira or no deal. Few days after, Davido tweeted again stating the endorsement deal has been closed for Chioma ‘I give my baby life time insurance’ 
Note: again ‘Insurance’ a word closely in relation to the song title ‘Assurance’
With all the above-mentioned stories nobody in Nigeria and Africa will say he does not know Davido’s single that was dedicated to his dearly love girlfriend, ‘Chef Chioma’ except if that person lives in thick forest where there is no TV, Radio and internet enabled gadget.
Now do you still think music is all about recording and dumping it on one or many sites without promotion and be waiting for miracle to happen? If you understand my points, you would surely say no!
That is why you need to have a team of thinkers and online promotion strategist to plan your single, EP, FP and Album release with the little budget you have to achieve as much greatness as possible.    
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