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The game is in a streaming frenzy
I’m getting green and they getting green with envy
They telling me i can’t be me, i gotta pretend see
You biting, but then you can’t chew
You gotta see your dentist
Forget the Cole’s and Kendrick’s
Think Rolls and Benzes
Fuck your lyrics, i said it depends on how you move your tenses
I always go the distance, cos i know the trenches
Even when these roads are empty
I know it’s cold and these bedsheets can’t hold, my pen sick
Bro don’t tempt me, i put holes where your sense be
And reload my engine, and squeeze mo’ till i’m empty
I know your hoes resent me, i live in your dome and it’s rent free
You gonna need painkillers, for these brain splitters
Big boss Jiggaman, Before Jay become Jigga
Before KD was Keefe D
He always knew to aim bigger
But piracy is legit now, Downloads became quicker
Spark emotions to overload your nervous system
They can’t keep us at our home, behold the devil is with them
As I evolve, i try to understand its dialogue
They put a contract on my head, without a buyout clause
Try to retire us, as greedy as dinosaurs
I’m to rap what T. B Joshua was to the synagogue
Rest in peace, though i never believed you were a man of God
Still getter than your faves that engages in cyberfraud
The marathon is mad crazy, this is what Nigeria made me
How she calling me baby, and i’m telling her maybe we could become something
But on the real i’m waking up to miss Daisy
Too big for a receptionist job
But for 20K would give a blowjob to a receptionist
Funny how she sucks at this
Take away the shame and then tell me, what’s the deficit
The tendencies to take away the meaning from my sentences
You reap what you sow between karma and your nemesis
How you hate me so much, and still wanna take from me
You ate for me, the root of evil can’t stay away from me
For every time they came for me, you made a way for me
This one is for the fans, i just hope you pray for me
Pray for me y’all

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(Loose Kaynon)
Look what I turned into the word is I always favor the confrontation
I can’t tell you the stakes Those are dinner table conversations
It’s rare when the hits get Confirmation
‘Cos they know I’m safe amidst the punches thrown I figured out the combination
I feel the daggers when I walk in rooms stares scary
If looks could kill R.I.P. but Do I care rarely
See It’s unfair clearly these niggas is bare cherries
And we popping these virgins and sending them to bed early
I understand why you niggas fear me
I put the work in while you sideline hating, oh! your girl cheering
No short cuts to the top bro is the stairs scary?
These soft niggas wishing on a fairy (I see ‘em)
Talk like a giant but you moving like a midget
The hate doesn’t equal up the digits
It’s easy to have opinions I know a lotta armchair critics
Tell you how to drive your Benz but never owned a civic
We gotta go in private banking to do the transaction
Whole team moving like verbs no talk just action
We cut from a different cloth this is that different talk
This is that move different this is that different walk
The code of ethics we abide to is a level you can’t strive to and that’s a thing of pride too
Outta your depth and it shows when you touch the mic too
We see it for what it really is so who you lying to
The same nigga you bite your tongue for when you run into
The same crew you sneak diss but act humble to
The same chics you break the code for we running thru I guess this is what it’s coming to

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