Meet Basil, 9 years old who has built more than 30 mobile games.


Basil Okpara Jr. is a 9 years old boy from Nigeria who was inspired to build mobile games and so far, he has successfully built more 30 mobile games.

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According to CNN, Basil uses programming software called Scratched 2 to create mobiles games of his own as inspired by his desire to make his father proud after being scolded for always playing games.

According to Basil, he learnt how to build mobile games at a boot camp and he build games to avoid boredom. “I learned how to build games at a boot camp. Now, I build to keep me busy when I am bored,”- Basil.

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Basil Okpara Sr., Basil’s father told CNN he Basil a tablet at the age of 4 years old because he discovered he loves to play game and his favourites are Candy Crush and Temple Run but Basil got inspired to start creating his own games after his father scolded him of spending too much time playing games and he told to angrily he should think of building his own game not knowing that statement is all Basil need to ignite the zeal to start building mobile games.

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“I bought him a tablet when he was 4 years old because I saw that he was always grabbing phones to play games with. He played Candy Crush and Temple Run a lot,”

“There was this day he was on the tablet, as usual, he was so carried away with the game he was playing that I got upset with him,” his father said.
“Out of annoyance, I said to him, ‘you are always playing games, can’t you think about building your own games so others can play yours too?’. I was angry when I said it, and I did not know he took it seriously,” he added.

Today, Basil has built more 30 games but are not available on Google Playstore yet.

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But according to his father one of them, titled Frog attack, will be available to the public on Google play store in August. 


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