Tonto Dike Begins The Year With Preaching. Is Tonto Dike Truly A Born Again?


Tonto Dike preaching the gospel might not be a new story but the fact that she keeps doing it over and over again makes it a story to talk about.

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The question is, Is Tonto Dike truly a born again? I guess time will tell.

Recently, she posted on her Instagram account an image of a tatterdemalion shoe grid with her words beside it and it says, ” When you are in love with God nothing else matters @IdrisBolton”

As she preaches about Christianity and poverty, she thus have a point but must you be rich before you can preach the gospel? Tonto should answer…

Here are her words on IG pulpit

  • tontoletThis is the most popular lie the devil has got the child of God under..
    When you serve God everything matters..How you look matters,how you dress matters,How you eat,Speak matters? How you relate matters? My fellow brethren how are you gonno convert the billionaires in these shoes and tell em that your God is Able??
    How you gonno convert a hungry man when you look more hungry?
    God didn’t call you to put you in the Z-list suitation? Nor did he call you to use you to serve him and he leaves you in rags.
    Jesus was never dirt,As a matter of fact we all wear the Jesus sandals today(highly fashionable)
    My darlings,brethren’s,my fellow Christians the devil has held you back for so long only becos you don’t know what God says you are..
    It’s a pity that some of us our enemies know OUR worth more than we do,They believe in you more than you believe in yourself if not they wldnt want you down..
    No one empties an empty barrel..
    Check this out “God said we were created in his own image and likeness,He(God) says as I am so are you in this world.God created the world,he owns it all,He is rich so you should be!!
    Poverty or poverty mentality is a tool used more often to keep u & ur creativity/Purpose/Grace Grounded.
    Who told you Jesus worked in shoes like these,Listen when God sets you up in his Glory you will show up in a bloody red bottoms feet,Rolex on my hand,@figureluxuryhair on the Hair, @dabota_cosmetic on the face beat/talking skin by @pelsinternational and that Gorg Hermès bag,pulling out your bible and preaching the word of God to people who needs God.Pls let people see What kind of God you serve from the out to the inside..Becos you come looking like a bag of money THEY AUTOMATICALLY KNOW UR GOD AINT ON JOKES,Vice Versa.
    God deserves better,You deserve better..
    Living in God means experiencing Heaven on earth,Living in Over Comfort..
    Christians you were born Eagles,don’t belittle your pretty self being A chicken.
    Don’t cluck when you should be Sow high in the skies..
    Know the word of God,Understand and your life can/will never be the same again,Halleuyah somebody!!!
    #Change the way you pray #Success is for Gods child #WEALTH is yours(Speak yourself into your weal” 
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As usual, created missed feelings among her fans and this is what they have to say.

  • yaabiibiiTell them Ama @tontolet . It’s that poor mentality that is killing Christians. If all riches belongs to our father, how and why should we be poor and dress anyhow. God bless you for sharing this
  • zica_zoe✔✔✔✔
  • afomaekwunifeI am a born again and am born rich in the LORD.
  • sotabella_goldNice words but I don’t agree with you on this,the fact u don’t have good looking shoes/designers bag does not mean u can’t spread the gospel;God is in search of our heart and not wat we wear
  • iamqueenesty@obet_ben_jay ???????????????? well said
  • alpheyrayWow.. ❤❤❤❤❤
  • pexylinyCool
  • lynex_hairsGet quality hairs at very cheap and affordable prices… #bestbelievethat????
  • mbyada_robsonI just love you daily @tontolet. God bless and keep you
  • wealth750You are very right
  • delphanegolddustrosePulling out my bible from a Hermès bag! ???????????????????????? ❤️❤️
  • mother_pandorahGod bless u @tontolet For the insight. Most Christian got this aspect wrong alot of time.
  • fridakinyuaGod bless you for sharing this…..????
  • damonthieryFor sure that cannot be for the pastor ????
  • nanfeblessingJesus Christ I can’t believe you will write such a thing. You need a long way to go as a Christian, ofcourse God wants us to be rich and prosperous but the same God asked us not to despise our days of little beginnings. You should have atleast read his complete post.
  • pearl_shuga22God bless u… this just made my morning ????????????????
  • __loladeThis is the truth some so called religious leaders would never understand… Why would I who claims an inheritance in Christ look tattered…its disrespectful abeg
  • faith_slimz@faith_slimz always welcome.
  • hadassahdazeYou guys say this as if it’s in one’s hand to be rich… It goes deeper than that.
  • pierresmog????
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