Producer, Hammer want Sarkodie to be studied in schools. What do you think?


Should Sarkodie be studied as a course? Is a question that requires no straight answer but a very comparative and well thought answer.

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The Ghanaian rapper brand as an emcee and style of music was put in check and consideration of becoming an educational curricular on a radio show and this alone got me imagining how far Sarkodie has come to become a force to reckon with not only as a Ghanaian rapper but as an Africa rapper with a unique style.

I mean, He raps in Ghanaian langauge mostly with ryhmes and that will makes you want to groove hard without understanding one word.

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“You know what time it is” is a signature you’ll always love to hear and remember.

According to veteran producer, Hammer, Sarkodie should be made a course to study in schools.

Speaking in an interview on Joy FM on Monday, Hammer believed Sarkodie has achieved something many Ghanaian musicians have not.

He said “He’s been number one consistently from day one up till now,”

He continues, “He’s never compromised on his brand, never followed the hype, never did what was in the books and still survived. Basically, he has disrupted the industry and has become a special case,”

Hammer is the C.E.O, one of  Ghanaian biggest music label, Last Two Group and according Wikipedia, he’s also known for grooming some of the best Ghanaian Hip Hop or Hiplife artists, including Obrafour, Tinny, Kwaw Kese, Sarkodie, Ayigbe Edem, and others.

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Countering Hammer’s opinion on Hitz FM Daybreak Hitz, entertainment pundit, Ola Micheal said some part of Sarkodie life can be picked and targeted as a case study but not as an educational currculum.

In a conversation with Jay Foley on the show, Ola emphasized Sarkodie career can be studied in areas of Literature and Musicology. He also added that rap music has been turn blinded eyes to by educationists due to “voilent” history of rap music.

Ola did expantiate that rap music is full of rhythm and deeper in meaning and the lyrics can be studied like literary work.

Taking it back to Sarkodie he said “If you take the beats out of Sarkodie or M.anifest’s rap songs and write the lyrics down, you are reading poetry. That can be taken into the literature curriculum and have Sarkodie’s songs studied as literary pieces,”

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But Ola suggested, Sarkodie will be a good case study for people who study brand and brand sustenance as Sakodie’s brand and style is totally unique and have stand the test of time despite the changes in the music industry, Sarkodie brand has grown immensely.

Yet Ola concluded, “but we cannot have Sarkodie as we know as an educational curriculum. Also, he cannot be in the curriculum for every stage,”
What do you think folks?

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