“I Will Sing Till I Am 80”- Asa


It is only few out of many Nigerian singers that can burst of singing till the age of 80, off course you would agree with me that Asa will make it to that list because she’s exceptional.

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The French Nigerian soul singer strike up a career conversation among her believeth fans on twitter after tweeting about her desire to sing till she aged 80.

Little History:
Asa was born in Paris in 1982, grew up in Nigeria and later make her way back to the French country where her career as a musician kick off. The river of success in the music industry flow to her side after she had audition with a Grammy award winning band in Paris. The audition that put her through a test of patient of about 10 hours, waiting behind the door with lot of hopes mixed with anger eventually became a success story of today.

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With songs like “Bibanke”, “Be My Man”, “Jailer”, “Fire On The Mountain”, “Eye Adaba”, “The One That Never Comes”, “Dead Again”, “Satan Be Gone”, “Bamidele”, “No One Knows”, “Preacher Man”, “Bimpe”, “Awe”, “Broda Ole”, “360°”, “Subway among others and still more to come from Asa’s flat but heavy belly obviously she will be around for as long as we can remember.

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