EndSARS: Funmi Iyanda console Nigerian youths with her inspiring true-life story.


Nigerian Media personality and entrepreneur, 

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Olufunmilola Aduke Iyanda fondly called Funmi Iyanda took to social media to console Nigerian youths with an inspiring and golden true-life story after Nigerian President, General Muhammadu Buhari left their heart shattered like broken glass with his recorded public address over #EndSARS protest and country unrest situation.
The multiple awards winning media mogul and philanthropist took to social media to share how a late friend named Sisi Remi change her perspective about life with a beautiful but heart and brain striking words of encouragement that helps her see things differently.
Read the story as quoted below 

1#EndSARS Tell you a story.

My friend, sisi Remi, late, was 11 years older and often exasperating wise. 

Once, after a brutal protest clampdown, l shouted myself hoarse about the evil doers, the back bitters and the sell outs. I lamented that nothing had and can change….

She laughed and said but Funmi, it’s your ego talking nah. I’m like did this aunty just insult me? Seeing like my eye was turning red a bit, she continued . What you are trying to do is move matter, that takes time and many elements. Look at that rock Funmi, do you know how …

long it’ll take for drops of water to break through it or for its form to change. An external force could generate supreme energy to shatter it but then it’s no longer a rock abi? Do you think it’s only the water that‘ll make a difference? What about the role of air sun, wind..

and other micro organisms who chip, drip, claw and dig away at it? Do you think each even knows that the other forces are at work when each one keeps doing its own bit? Why do you think each element does it’s bit? I’m thinking na wetin be all this story nah? She’s like, each does

it because it’s in its’ nature, its’ purpose, part of how to actualise its’ being. Do you think the water knows when enough pressure will crack the stone? So if a particular droplet drops at the point the stone is weakened enough by the collective of elements and time, does that

make the droplet a hero or part of a continuum? Divorce your ego from what you do Funmi and you’ll see and appreciate the changes already happening which’ll energise you to do it better whilst recognising that other things are happening to support that process you cannot fully

see or understand.
I thought, she has come now with all this Buddhist minini and promptly forgot. Years later life reminded me. So today and to whoever may need it. I repeat that story.
Matter is moving even if you can’t see it. Keep chipping away at it.
I’ll leave you

with her favourite refrain to me when l hit a seemingly impossible obstacle.
Funmi, let’s just be going. The king may die, the horse may fly.

Meanwhile, many Nigerian youths, now more than ever see leaving Nigeria as a must if you want a better life and achieve success as many flunked to social media with thoughts which becomes a trending topic, “Take your passport, a cloth or two and leave Nigeria”, ” Headache for who does not have an International passport” 

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 Now the question is, what is next? Now that President Buhari has address Nigeria but his plans seems to bring no joy to Nigerian youths. 
 #EndSARS #EndBadGovernanceInNigeria #LekkiMassacre2020 #LagosCurfew #EndPoliceBrutalityInNigeria

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